William Motley-Bailey – Regional Councillor Candidate Ward 1 (Town of Caledon)

Motley-Bailey, WilliamIf elected how/what would you do to improve Active Transportation within Caledon and how would you improve existing connections between communities?

It would be difficult to make significant changes to “Active Travel” without consideration of the recently published Caledon Transportation Plan (TMP) https://www.caledon.ca/en/townhall/Transportation-Master-Plan.asp, this plan had public input and has gone through due process. However the amount of effort towards the plan itself is entirely in the scope of council and I see this as a priority to ensure we meet the projected capacity of growth. In regard to “Active Travel” the TMP is confusing as it relies on five other plans that are also published:

  1. Town of Caledon Official Plan, 2015
  2. Town of Caledon Trails Master Plan, 2011
  3. The Bolton Transportation Master Plan Study, 2015
  4. Peel Region Active Transportation Plan, 2011
  5. Peel Long Range Transportation Plan, 2012

If elected I would advocate for a consolidation of the 1, 2, & 4 plans as a regional “Active Transportation Plan” and have it accelerated under the banner of public health and recreation. I also believe the two school boards need to become more involved with the Active plans to ensure the younger generation have opportunities to ride or walk safely to school or other community facilities.

What will you do to bring in new business that can thrive in Caledon and how will you help existing small businesses succeed?

This may disqualify me from the election in regard to small business owners, however I feel strongly that business in general is best served with the least government involvement on what “they” need.

As a small business owner ourselves (Travel Agency), we have had difficulty integrating into Caledon due to high rents, poor internet access and parking requirements. To address one of these potential roadblocks, rental price is driven by supply and demand, so why are owners given lower tax rates on vacant property? This is counter productive and interferes with the supply and demand economics. Thankfully this vacant property tax rate is being phased out by 2020.

Business does need to know (transparency) local planning rules and restrictions of any kind that might affect their business success, my own experience is a conversation with a prospective landlord that can be extremely uninformed on the actual facts surrounding the property.

I would support information packages made available to prospective businesses “OnLine” that give factual information on particular properties, i.e. internet connection, hydro availability (load and phases), traffic counts, local infrastructure plans, parking rules, average rent, waste disposal access, pedestrian access, zoning, etc. My reason for OnLine is to make the access to current and dynamic information which display latest date of review or update.

A business needs all of this and probably more to make a decision on their own business plan and making the process more transparent and efficient which levels the playing field for municipalities.

There has been a lot of discussion with respect to truck traffic in Caledon and the danger it poses on our main roads. If elected what do you plan to do to address these concerns?

I do have a plan in mind but this is where public announcement of future plans (visions) can run aground before they get due consideration by all stakeholders. My plan would involve purchase of certain lands by municipal and/or provincial authority and therefore requires closed session meetings to ensure true property value is maintained. Candidates and the public sometimes interpret closed session meetings as something surreptitious in nature and yet the intent is to protect the public purse from exploitation. I can say however my plan is significant in its scope and would effectively reduce Hwy 10 trucks by 50%. A short term plan is a negotiation with aggregate mining companies to divert trucks into the quarries at the existing traffic control lights south of Caledon Village, this would alleviate a significant truck turning and traffic count at the Hwy10/Charleston intersection.

What will you do to ensure council works together in the new term?

There needs to be a stronger leadership model that understands when intimidation or malicious behaviour is at work, also “on camera” can be extremely effective in changing council behaviour and I believe this is a priority in my platform for transparency.  Council needs to rediscover themselves on personal relationships and “move on”, constant undermining of each other on ideas brought to the table is disconcerting at best and worse it is disingenuous to the residents that elected them. I will also add that the Mayor and Council have a responsibility to a safe workplace as per Bill 168 of the Health & Safety act, my interpretation is that bullying, intimidation or discrimination in the workplace (council chamber for one) is illegal and certain policies apply including signs/posters that spell out the expectations to all that enter council chambers or work there, including the public and press.

Previous Questions and Answers:

Personal Biography

A Caledon resident for 10 years and our main residence in Ward One for 7 years, we married in Bermuda and moved into a renovated property on Airport Rd where we enjoy the rural life with two cats as pest control. Bill grew up in England, emigrated to Australia first and then switched over to Canada, I have two children both born in Canada and raised in Bruce County. I worked at the Bruce Nuclear site for 24 years and I first served as municipal councillor for 12 years in what is now known as Saugeen Shores after we went through amalgamation with Mike Harris.

Caledon improvements? our Ms Budd asks? well how can you improve paradise? ……..British humour! however I think as I’m now in the travel industry I see more than some how lucky we are in Canada and Caledon is atypical of what I like about the world.

I live rurally but in driving distance of the theatre, or other major events, I have lots of community activities on my doorstep, I greet people I know on the streets and I don’t always lock up my wheelbarrow (hands off), I have a safe community and our emergency services do a great job.

Improvement for me is therefore relative, I believe transparency in government at any level is paramount to the happiness of residents, perhaps “happiness” is stretching the truth. With new technologies every day I should not have to explain where your tax money is being spent, today, yesterday or tomorrow, I am of course accountable for how its spent and if you the resident will benefit.

As government we are a “not for profit” agency and the most efficient tax dollar is the municipal one, improvement means keeping it that way!

The One Million Dollar question? is of course designed to test our innovation skills or entrepreneurship is a more modern term. I would probably consider an overdue project that just never quite reaches the top of the budget list.

Every community has a few projects that get constantly dropped from the budget, celebrating our heritage is extremely important and I love the pioneer history of our country, not everything is a cause of celebration it is however important to preserve and record for those to come.

So!….it could be a cemetery renovation, a town plaque and welcome garden it could even be a 50ft silver bicycle above Hwy 10 marking the Caledon Trailway, I am NOT saying I have that as my agenda but often even the wacky ideas have some merit to them to enrich a community.

Now from the Sound Of Music we have a rendition of “My Favourite Things”. I did read many of the replies by other candidates (advantage of coming in late) and see their favourite place in Caledon is often their own backyard, go figure!

I’ll go out on a limb to say “your backyard” is one of my favourite places (craft beer please), however it is your “front yard” that is of more interest to me as this is the side we see as residents and visitors (those without a drone), this side of your property defines the community of Caledon itself.

How do we as a municipality and region help you keep your home and business tidy and at the high standard Caledon (you) and Ontario can be proud of? waste pick up and efficient disposal are excellent in Caledon but again we can always do better with new technology.

Also, it is often the red tape that discourages property improvement or plain upkeep, municipalities can help you with this too. Remember a policy cannot be changed, however if there is an application or appeal process its not a policy, it’s a procedure! don’t be afraid to ask about the procedure! staff can help and they do.

Thank you Ms Mira Budd, for this opportunity to bare my life thoughts to the potential elector of Ward One Caledon, lets hope my answers to your questions give a positive insight. Oh! did I mention my wife Diane, 10 year veteran of Caledon/Dufferin Victim Services, before that 20 year volunteer pin from Brampton Hospital, Past President (me too) of St Georges Society of Toronto and thirty plus years as President/Owner of Airstream Travel, now affiliated to Vision Travel.

Phew!!!……….when you add it up we should really retire…LOL… probably never happen!.

William Motley-Bailey

Telephone: 647.883.6070

Email: wmotley@golfstreamtravel.com

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