Simran Bhamu – Councillor Candidate Town of Orangeville

31961822_10160211757235262_5986227028053983232_oHow long have you been an Orangeville Resident?

I have been living in Orangeville for almost 4 years. We (me, my husband and a 5 year old son) live in Rolling Hills area of Orangeville. After living in different parts of GTA, we decide to make Orangeville our home.

What would you change and/or improve in Orangeville?  

If you are referring it in the context of municipal election, then we need to provide better values for our tax dollars. And we need to restore dignity and respect of the council.If elected, I plan to evaluate all ideas and topics of discussions in unbiased manners. I want to exhibit the highest level of professionalism during council meetings and when interacting with my fellow residents. And with my vision and expertise, I want to bring back a culture of planning, expert involvement when needed, and foresightedness when making important decisions.

If you are talking about other issues, then one of the things I want to focus on is motivating more people, and especially youth, to engage in social and political discussions and topics which matter to us. By looking at voting turnout at all levels of election in last few years, I strongly believe we can bring significant improvement in our participation in these discussions.

If you were to receive a million dollar grant for the Town of Orangeville, what would you do with it and why?

Really 🙂 I will get a million dollar grant without getting to know what the grant is for 🙂

I want to take a business approach to this–dividing it in the following  categories

  • Spending on repairs/essential things–Orangeville is a big town and has grown significantly in last 2 decades. With growth comes the need for replacing/repairing existing infrastructure (maintenance of aging facilities, community centers, roads, traffic signals, sewer lines, etc.). We also have issues with traffic safety in certain neighbourhood, as raised by my fellow candidates and residents, and I will plan to spend some amount on improving traffic situations in those neighbourhood and upgrading existing signal lights.
  • Spending on organizing and promoting events which are fun to attend, give us a sense of belonging but also attract tourists from outside and help local businesses and town activities. I would call this “mixing business with pleasure” spending 🙂
  • Spending/investing in promoting local businesses and nourishing talents in the town.
  • Reserve/or emergency funds (or however you want to name it). To cover for unexpected situations. Part of a well thought financial plan!

What is your favourite place in Orangeville and why?

It is not easy to select just 1 place given so many choices. I love walking in downtown and enjoy a beautiful mix of “original” and “modern” Orangeville.I also love Island lake area and find it a perfect place for connecting with nature in the middle of the town.


I have a university degree in commerce and I have over 12 years of corporate management experience at American Express, Carlson Wagonlit, and Mcdonalds in financial services, tourism, hospitality and retail sectors. I am a registered organ donor and a blood donor. My recent community involvement includes volunteering for Ronald McDonald House charity, Dufferin County Cultural Resource Circle (DCCRC), study on homelessness by Dufferin county, Caledon meals on the wheels (for Orangeville), and member of Dufferin climate change action group.

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