Nick Garisto – Deputy Mayor Candidate Town of Orangeville

Nick Garisto PictureHow long have you been an Orangeville Resident?

I have been an Orangeville resident for the past 37 years and have owned a business in Orangeville for 47 years.

What would you change and/or improve in Orangeville? 

I would like to continue improvements on our infrastructure such as roads, sewer, water, sidewalks and trails.  I would also like to see our recreation expanded and improved with community support.  I love the small town community feel and hope this continues for many years to come as many residents also enjoy this.

If you were to receive a million dollar grant for the Town of Orangeville, what would you do with it and why?

If the Town of Orangeville received a million dollar grant, I would like to see this invested into our infrastructure such as roadways, sewer, water, sidewalks and trails.  I feel that this would help improve the quality of life for our residents and help many areas that require upgrades.

What is your favourite place in Orangeville and why?

While I enjoy many areas in our town, I do enjoy going to the downtown core as it has many restaurants, local businesses and enjoyable activities such as our theatre.  I find myself meeting many great people on various occasions.


Nick was born in a small southern town in Italy and moved to Canada in 1960 with his family and attended school in Toronto.  After finishing school, he began to apprentice with a shop owner and learned his trade in hairstyling.  He was inspired and opened his own barber shop in Orangeville and is still successfully running his business for the past 47 years.  Nick married his beautiful wife, Maria, and raised 4 successful children right here in Orangeville and currently has 9 grandchildren with another on the way.  Nick is proud to call Orangeville home and has lived here for the past 37 years.  Nick began his political career in 1991 serving on the economic development committee for a 3 year term.  He was first elected as a Councillor in 1994, re-elected in 1997, elected as Deputy Mayor in 2000 and elected as councillor in 2014.  While in council, Nick has served on various committees and boards such as Orangeville Business Improvement Association (OBIA), Communities in Bloom, Transit, Millennium Celebration, Recreation, Public Works, Finance, Protection to Persons and Property, Library Board and Economic Development.

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