Mansoor Ameersulthan – Mayoral Candidate City of Brampton

Mayoral Candidate BramptonHow long have you been a Brampton resident?

I have been a Brampton resident from 2007.

What would you change and/or improve in Brampton? 

Brampton, it is a city with great potential needs many changes, it is the 9th largest city of Canada and it needs more development in its industries, education, technology, and human resources. . I want change in the city to promote more jobs and infrastructure, freezing municipal taxes and building safer communities. I am very much passionate about youth involvement since they are the future of tomorrow and decided to reduce $50,000 from my mayor salary for youth sports, opportunities and scholarships. The crime rates are increasing in Brampton, I want to tackle this issue and work closely with the authorities who are responsible for implementing law enforcement in Brampton. Building a University in Brampton should be one of our primary goals, because a University is a magnet for investors, businesses and jobs. If I am elected, I will create a panel of experts to establish a new plan for the LRT and provide proper quotation or documented evidence to support the funding for this new project. We also need to push for a third Brampton hospital.

If you were to receive a 10 million dollar grant for Brampton, what would you do with it and why?

There are many things we can accomplish with a 10 million dollar grant:

  • Spending it for students, such as providing more community activities, leadership opportunities, scholarships and cultural events to spread our diversity.
  • Quality and personalized care for our seniors
  • Bringing more sports facilities to explore different types of sports and to keeping our community healthy and more engaged
  • Providing more welfare and public services to the people

What is your favourite place in Brampton and why?

I love all the places in Brampton, however if I am to pick a certain place, I would choose
Chinguacousy Park. Not to mention the fact that one of the highlights of Brampton is its parks and natural environment, which gives it the title of a flower city. I choose Ching Park because I visit their often, nice to see the children playing, the farm and pet animals and I like to chat with the people there.

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Facebook Page: @MansoorAmeersulthan1