Linda Jeffrey – Mayoral Candidate City of Brampton

Linda JeffreyHow long have you been a Brampton resident?

Thirty-five years ago my husband Chuck and I moved to Brampton to start our new life together and raise our family. Our three boys were born at Peel Memorial Hospital. We lived in Heart Lake up until a few years ago. My husband and I sold our house and moved into a condo in Brampton South. Brampton is my hometown and I love my city.

What would you change and/or improve in Brampton? 

We need more employment lands, more businesses. Brampton has been known as a sleeping city for many, many years. People wake up, leave the city for work, school or entertainment and then they come home at night to sleep. I have been working hard to change that and I want to continue, if I’m re-elected, to change that. I want people to want to come into Brampton to live, work and play.

For the past four years I’ve been working very hard to initiate new visions at the City of Brampton, whether it’s a new arts and culture master plan, the 2040 Vision, or a new parks and recreation master plan – we need a new identity. We need better planning, so Brampton’s development can match the vibrant/diverse residents that choose to call Brampton home.

If you were to receive a 10 million dollar grant for Brampton, what would you do with it and why?

I would establish a women’s shelter and transitional housing. Right now, Brampton has no shelter for women escaping domestic abuse and no transitional housing to help them. They need to leave to go to Mississauga for that housing. This isn’t right. We need to give the right supports to vulnerable women who need it most. So, I’ve been advocating at the Region of Peel to move on this quickly, but if Brampton were to get a grant, I think one of the things I would do immediately is help fill this gap for women.

The other thing I would do is find a permanent space for a youth shelter. My aggressive advocacy last year lead to a temporary youth shelter being set up in Brampton – before we had none. Right now, we need a permanent location with the right support.

We need to increase our stock of affordable housing and that costs money. Whether it’s shelter spaces, transitional housing, or affordable housing in general.  Due to explosive population growth we don’t have enough.

What is your favourite place in Brampton and why?

I have many favourites, but I’ll share one for now. One of my favourite places is the farmer’s market during the summer months – I love waking up on Saturday mornings and going into the market. It’s fresh, it’s local and it’s a friendly environment. I love interacting with residents as I walk through the market – sometimes I run into friends and sometimes I’m meeting someone for the first time. It’s a very peaceful experience as well so it’s definitely one of my favourites.


Thirty-five years ago my husband Chuck and I moved to Brampton to start our new life together and raise our family. Our three boys were born at Peel Memorial Hospital and life was full of activity in those early years.

As the boys got older I began volunteering at their school and later with the Heart Lake Citizen Advisory Committee. In 1991 an opening became available on Council and I decided to put my name forward as a candidate. The residents of Heart Lake chose me to represent them on Council having been re-elected each time until 2003.

As a Councillor I saw what was happening to our city as a result of measures taken by the provincial government, especially in health care and education. I was approached to run in the provincial election against an entrenched incumbent. The voice of change rang clear and I was successful on my first attempt. I proudly served the people of Brampton Centre and Brampton-Springdale for the next eleven years.

During my time at Queen’s Park I was proud of some of my accomplishments that included the building of Brampton Civic Hospital, expansion of Highway 410, increased funding for public transit, and more. I also was given responsibility in key areas including Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry Responsible for Seniors, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Chair of Cabinet.

In 2014, I was approached by a number of prominent Bramptonians to consider leaving the Province to run for Mayor. I honestly believed Brampton could do better and I was troubled by what was happening at City Hall. The results gave me a mandate to bring accountable, open and transparent leadership to Brampton.

During my term we have seen significant improvements to our City’s finances, increased the number of front line police officers, brought a university to Brampton, started streamlining our staffing, improved services and fought against taxpayer funded corporate bailouts.

As a mother and now as a grandmother, I understand the tremendous impact that government has on our lives. From the moment that a child is born at a local hospital, goes to school, gets a job and establishes a home, government has a role to play. I want to make sure everyone that calls Brampton home knows that it is the best place to live, work and raise a family. With your help I know that together we can do more.

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