Kelly Darnley – Mayoral Candidate (Town of Caledon)

Kelly DarnleyHow long have you been a Caledon Resident?

I have been a resident of Caledon for 51 years. My parents moved to Bolton in 1968. I attended the original James Bolton school on Albert Street for elementary school, then went to Ellwood Memorial Public School for middle school, and continued on to Mayfield Secondary School for high school. My roots are deep in this community. I raised my two sons, David and Mark, in Bolton before moving to the community of Palgrave.

What would you change and/or improve in Caledon? 

Whenever I travel and am asked where I live and I tell them that I live in Caledon, the first thing that people talk about is how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful community.

However, people have noticed that Caledon is growing and changing rapidly, and not everyone agrees that these changes have been for the better.

I have a vision for how we can manage these changes without sacrificing the quality of life for all Caledon residents.

First, I believe that we can attract good-paying jobs closer to homeright here in Caledon – that will allow our residents to spend more time with their families and less time stuck in traffic commuting to and from work.

As I have been travelling throughout our community talking to residents, a common concern that I am hearing about is road safety. Are we doing everything we can to keep our roads and communities safe?

I think we can do a better job.

If you were to receive a million dollar grant for the Town of Caledon, what would you do with it and why?

I think the visual appeal of our Caledon villages & hamlets is extremely important and it is disappointing to see how village associations are struggling. The responsibility to make our community beautiful has been offloaded by the Town to volunteers. I believe this should be a shared responsibility between the Town of Caledon and village associations.

We want to continue to encourage local businesses and residents to take pride in their communities by fundraising to contribute to local beautification projects. I would reward those local efforts by matching every dollar raised with a dollar from that million-dollar grant.

When we all work together, everybody wins.

What is your favourite place in Caledon and why?

Like many Caledon residents, my favourite place in Caledon is my own home.  As cliché as that sounds, let me share that I see the sun set in the west through my kitchen window every night.  I can hear the wind under the wings of the Canada geese flying overhead as they prepare to land in the pond.  I often watch wild turkeys in the neighbouring field and listen to birds chirping in the morning.  On my drive home in the evening, I often see deer crossing the country roads.

 I know we are all fortunate to live here. Caledon is a special community worth standing up for!


Kelly Darnley, a 51-year Caledon resident and former CEO of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce, is running for the position of Caledon mayor to ensure that residents, and not special interests, take precedence at Caledon Town Hall.

“I am running to ensure that Caledon Town Hall works for the residents,” said Darnley. “I will work tirelessly to put residents first. The voice of residents should determine our future, not that of special interests,” she added.

Kelly has deep roots in the Town of Caledon. Her parents moved to Bolton in 1968. Kelly, along with her three siblings, attended the original James Bolton school on Albert Street for elementary school, Ellwood Memorial Public School for middle school, and Mayfield Secondary School. Kelly then attended Seneca College for Recreation Facilities Management.

Kelly, and her husband Warren, raised their two sons, David and Mark, in Bolton before moving to the community of Palgrave. Together Kelly and Warren own and operate a local Caledon business, Green Clean.

After serving on the Caledon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Kelly was hired to be the CEO in 1998, where she served until she retired in 2012.  During Kelly’s long and distinguished Chamber career, she was recognized for her successful advocacy work. She sat on the Board of Directors for the Chamber Excecutives of Ontario, where she also served as Chair, and also sat on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Kelly has always been a passionate advocate for Caledon issues. A short list of the committees she has participated on locally include: Scouts Canada, Headwaters Hospital (fundraising), Caledon Economic Development Advisory Committee and Headwaters Tourism Association. In partnership with the Caledon Public Library, Kelly successfully brought $350,000.00 of federal money to Caledon under the Community Access Program (C.A.P.) and transformed it into the Caledon Business Centre.

Kelly is no stranger to municipal politics. She regularly participates at local, regional and provincial workshops, conferences and public information meetings with the intent of bringing the information back for the betterment of the community. Some of these topics include: leadership, smart growth, transportation, the Greenbelt, Places to Grow legislation, farmers markets, tourism, revitalization, skills shortage, and job creation. She has worked with staff and councillors, regularly attends Council meetings ­ both in Caledon and at Peel Region ­ and has delegated on many issues over the years. Kelly’s collaborative style of leadership, combined with a wealth of professional training, will tremendously benefit the residents of Caledon.


Facebook:  KellyDarnleyforCaledonMayor

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Telephone: 416-951-7141

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