Joe Andrews – Councillor Candidate Town of Orangeville

Joe AndrewsHow long have you been an Orangeville Resident?

I have been part of Orangeville’s fabric for over 30 years, relocating from the core GTA.  My wife and I were truly attracted to the small town charm Orangeville had and still has many years later.  My involvement within the community is extremely well known including commitments to many service groups and organizations such as the Dufferin Board of Trade, DCCRC – Dufferin County Cultural Resource Circle, Orangeville EDC, Rotary Club of Orangeville Highlands, Kinsmens Club just to name a few.  I have been part of key community events such as the Great Canada Day Celebrations and Talent Shows and Orangeville First Night for over 13 years.   I continue my connection to Orangeville as a minor sports coach to this day in hockey previously also in basketball and soccer.

Lastly, I am most recognized as a leader of post-secondary education heading up Humber College’s Orangeville Campus since 2006.

What would you change and/or improve in Orangeville?  

Well since I am running in this election as a candidate as Councillor in Orangeville, what I would change how the Town is currently operating in order to provide efficiencies and a much better value to the residents of our community.  Due to the divide that has occurred the last four years at Town Council, it has caused many issues to arise such as; continued high residential property taxes, growing infrastructure concerns, and the need to address both our youth and senior populations.  If elected I would be only one voice at the table, but the collective strong voices will be able to influence change that will go a long way to improve our great community.

If you were to receive a million dollar grant for the Town of Orangeville, what would you do with it and why?

Wow, so many ideas immediately come to mind and there is certainly the prudent thing to do such as placing a windfall such as this into the town reserves to assist with other projects as required, but I am compelled to address our struggling and or homeless community members.  We have some incredible need at the Orangeville Food Bank or the Good Friends Fellowship – Lighthouse where both organizations do tremendous work to those in need within our community, but the need continues and is growing.  I would hope a significant contribution to these and other similar organizations would go a long way in helping those who truly need it.

What is your favourite place in Orangeville and why?

My favourite place in Orangeville is our downtown core with so much history, vibrant shops and restaurants.  I enjoy being apart of this area because in many ways this is the pulse of Orangeville.  Our downtown merchants know and feel the vibe everyday, they know just how important it is to be connected to the people of Orangeville, and they truly reflect this in how they support the needs of Orangeville.  Lastly, it is the downtown core where people come together to celebrate what makes Orangeville a special place.  From the big events held throughout the year to specific Town amenities like the Library, we do have something unique we should all be very proud of.


Joe Andrews has been part of Orangeville’s fabric for over 30 years. He is known for his outstanding commitment to this region as a leader in education, business and as an award-winning volunteer of countless community activities and organizations.

Now he plans on focusing his energy as a member of Orangeville Town Council!

Mr. Andrews will be seeking a seat as Councillor in the municipal election this October, 2018.

‘We need a new and fresh perspective on Council. Residents of this great community deserve an experienced voice that will represent and speak on their behalf. A Council member who will stand up for their well-being every day. I am that person!’

He has gained local recognition as a leader of several key organizations, initiatives and events since coming to Orangeville in 1988.

Mr. Andrews is recently the past-Chair and Board member of the DBOT (Dufferin Board of Trade) who under his leadership campaigned for key business ownership rights with both Queens Park and the OCC (Ontario Chamber of Commerce) while also steering this regional organization through an extensive restructuring. He is also passionately active as a committee member of the Town of Orangeville EDC – Economic Development Committee, an Advisor with the DCCRC (Dufferin County Cultural Resource Circle), a past member of the Headwaters White Ribbon Campaign/MENtors, and past-Chair of the Dufferin Young Professionals.

Many in this community will recognize Joe Andrews for his long-time involvement as part of Orangeville First Night, Canada Day and other town celebrations. He is a Paul Harris – Rotary International recipient, a Honorary Kinsmen for his extensive work for Cystic Fibrosis, a minor sports coach, and lastly you may remember him for his successful Saturday morning radio show years ago on DC 103.5 FM here in Orangeville.

He has been married for over 27 years with a son currently enrolled at ODSS.

Joe Andrews is dedicated to this community and wants to ensure that this town has a positive future.

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