Jim Wallace – Regional Councillor Candidate Ward 1 (Town of Caledon)

Jim WallaceHow long have you been a Caledon resident?

Susan and I and our 3 daughters have lived in Caledon since 2001.  We moved from Brampton to embark upon a lifestyle change that has proven to be very fruitful.  I was working on a 12 year career with Canadian Tire as a senior manager and Susan was working at the Toronto General Hospital as a Nurse Practitioner.  We purchased the Belfountain Inn in 2001 at which time gave up corporate life and Susan continued to commute to Toronto.  In 2003, with the encouragement from some community leaders, I was elected to Caledon Council as an Area Councillor, Ward 1.  In 2008 earned my real estate license and opened my own Brokerage in 2010.  In 2011, I successfully sold the Belfountain Inn and have been operating my Real Estate Brokerage since.

What would you change and / or improve in Caledon?

Collaboration in the Council Chambers – My experience on Caledon Council was very positive.  We spent a considerable amount of time in the beginning, defining our collective goals which ultimately became the 1stCaledon Work Plan,  Working together and working toward the common good of Caledon will be one of my key objectives.  I will utilize my interpersonal, leadership and relationship building skills to affect positive change in this regard.

Long Term Planning – The next term of Council will influence the future direction of our community as it relates to growth – both residentially and business for the next 25-30 years.  The decisions this Council will make will not only impact us as current residents and business owners, but will impact Caledon’s future for our children and their children.  We need a strong voice and proven leadership at the Region to ensure our community grows in a manner that is consistent with the growth patterns that members of our community want to see.  I will work to protect the sustainability of our community for now and into the future. 

The Town and Region are Big Businesses – The operations of the Town of Caledon and Region of Peel is BIG BUSINESS.  Having been elected to serve on Council in 2003 and having run my own successful service oriented businesses over the past 17 years, I have the experience necessary to ensure that taxation is properly allocated in a manner that is consistent with community goals and the residents of our community are properly served and the $2.7 billion Operating Budget at the Region of Peel is balanced.

If you were to receive a million dollar grant for the Town of Caledon, what would you do with it and why?

One of the biggest mistakes politicians often make is in making promises before they have a clear understanding of the BIG picture.  I hesitate to take a position at this time because there is, I am sure, a laundry list of projects that deserve consideration.  I can tell you this, when I was on Council in 2003, I initiated the Caledon Council Charity Golf Tournament and was Chair for 3 years.  Our first event raised $40,000 dollars and we directed those funds to Caledon Community Services for the purchase of a new bus that was used to take those who were less fortunate to their appointments.  Since that time, this event has raised over $1 million dollars for local causes.

What is your favourite place in Caledon and why?

Along the Credit River watershed.  My most memorable experience was in Belfountain back in 1997 – listening to the sounds of the Credit River.  We happened across this amazing little restaurant  – The Belfountain Inn.  It backs onto the Credit River.  I could hardly wait to complete our drive from Brampton to open our car door and listen to the River.  It is ironic that Susan and I bought the building and business in 2001 and called it home.  To this day, the sounds of the Credit River remind me of this amazing experience that led us to call Caledon home.

Telephone: 416.671.8797

Email: jwallace@sutton.com

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