Get to Know Kevin Weatherbee – Candidate for Conservative Party of Canada Nomination in Dufferin-Caledon

On October 1st, 2018, MP David Tilson announced that he will not be putting his name forward for re-election in the general federal election of 2019. On the same day The Candidate Nomination Committee announced that they will now accept applications from individuals to seek the Conservative Party of Canada nomination in Dufferin-Caledon.

Prior to any of this happening Kevin Weatherbee had committed and registered to seek the Conservative Party of Canada nomination in Dufferin-Caledon.

The questions below were submitted to Mr. Weatherbee way before the announcement so that all of us can get to know him a little better.

Get to Know Kevin Weatherbee – Candidate for Conservative Party of Canada Nomination in Dufferin-Caledon

FamilyWhy did you choose to run for the Dufferin-Caledon MP position?

I decided to run for MP because I want to stand up for my community. I remember watching Prime Minister Trudeau on the news referring to small business owners as “tax cheats” and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Dufferin-Caledon has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and Mr. Trudeau could really learn a thing or two about how hard it is to own and/or run a small business if he spent some time here.

I really do feel that our federal government has completely lost touch with the values the vast majority of us live by and is instead driven by an over-bearing political correctness based on a left of centre ideology. I believe strongly in all Canadians being free to make their own decisions, voice their own opinions, and live their own lives and raise their own families as they see fit. I think that we need a more practical, down to earth approach in Ottawa and so I put name forward to try and make those beliefs a reality.

How will you represent Dufferin-Caledon at the federal level?

I intend on being a very active representative should I be fortunate enough to be chosen by Dufferin-Caledon residents as their next MP. My approach will be one of high accessibility. My cell phone (416-580-4847) is all over my website and my literature, and is shared widely. This will be my same cell phone should I be elected. I will be open and straightforward with all Dufferin-Caledon constituents, regardless of whether they supported me or not.

Representing this area means shouldering the responsibility of standing up for all residents and voicing their concerns, even if sometimes you may not agree on every point. As a representative I believe there is still a responsibility to hear from everyone and address their concerns.

I also intend on maintaining a busy schedule and attending not only as many community events as possible, but also as many community group meetings as well. A lot of the time we see the end results of many, many hours of work from dedicated volunteers from our communities’ many community/non-profit organizations. I intend to attend as many of their meetings as possible (if invited of course!) to learn about how I might be able to help them help our community,

What do you consider are the top 2 issues on Dufferin-Caledon voters’ minds?

I have been campaigning across the entire riding now for 10 months and I would have to say the top two issues or areas of concern I consistently hear about from voters are affordability and respectability.

Dufferin-Caledon residents are worried about the increasing issues with affordability in our area. Year after year costs seem to continually go up, not least of which housing, and there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight. I have heard a lot of concern from residents that their cost of living seems to always go up well beyond their ability to keep up. People often ask what an MP can do about this. Take for example the mortgage rules the current government put in place not that long ago. These rules drastically affected people’s ability to be able to afford a home. I understand the government had their justification for doing so, however I would argue why not consider changing the mortgage rules to allow longer term mortgages which would thereby lower peoples monthly payments and allow them to more easily afford a home? I’m not saying this is a silver bullet solution, it is just one idea I’ve heard brought up multiple times, but the point is there is a lot of advocacy that can be done on these issues by the MP.

As for respectability, I hear often about a general concern for the way our Prime Minister conducts himself both on the domestic front and the international stage. I have been told countless times that people are tired of the routine, and instead are itching for something more down to earth and practical. After all, this is not supposed to be about electing another celebrity or most popular Canadian but instead about getting real results for all Canadians. I intend to conduct myself always with an open and pragmatic approach to addressing the issues facing our community.

What is your plan to connect with residents?

I plan to connect with residents primarily through canvassing their neighbourhoods, phone calls, and online on social media. Through any channel, whether it be talk, text, in person or online, I am very accessible and plan to continue that trend both into the election campaign, and as an MP should I be elected. I will knock on doors in every single community in our riding, and do so happily!

What is unique about you that you believe sets you apart as a candidate?

I believe I bring a unique background and skillset as a candidate. I am a licensed tradesperson and run a small family business every day. I know what it takes to balance a budget and make payroll. I know the pressure of having to make ends meet. At the same time I have worked in government, having used to work at Queen’s Park for our MPP. I also have an extensive political background at all levels within the provincial and federal conservative parties. I understand not all residents are conservative and that’s fine, but it is still an important note as I understand how parties work and can be an effective advocate for our riding within one should I be elected.

Finally, as a young married father, family values are very important to me. Strong families make strong communities and I am committed to advocating for family-friendly policies at the federal level and that includes parents’ rights to raise their own children according to their own beliefs and values. Moreover, as a younger individual, I am keenly aware of the challenges our next generation is facing, I’m living them every single day.

In closing I’d like to encourage all your readers to please get in touch with me if they’d like to learn more, or even just to meet. I can be reached by email at or by phone on my cell: 416-580-4847, and of course they can always visit my website at

Thank you!