Dwayne Jackson – Area Councillor Candidate for Ward 1 (Town of Caledon)

Dwayne JacksonHow long have you lived in Caledon?

My wife Susan and I came here from Mississauga to the Village of Alton with our 2 preschool children 19 years ago.

We immediately fell in love with Caledon. It’s been a great place to raise a family. We soon became involved with the community. I joined Caledon Fire Dept. as a Volunteer Firefighter 18 years ago and I’m still proudly serving today.

Susan became involved in volunteering on parent teacher associations at the schools our children attended. “I always call Caledon the best kept secret in Ontario”. But, it’s not just Caledon, but the people here make it a special place to live and work.

What would you change or improve in Caledon?

I would improve the level of governance and communication residents receive. You learn a lot on the campaign trail. Residents are justifiably unhappy with the response or lack thereof from the Town when it comes to dealing with any local, regional or town issues. Residents feel like they are not being heard and there is no follow-up with issue resolution one way or another.

 After 30 years with Rogers, I learned that customer service is job 1.  Lack of interaction between the Town, its Councillors and staff with residents is very frustrating and frankly unacceptable.

The Corporation of the Town of Caledon has customers too… the Residents.

If you were to receive a Million dollar grant for the Town of Caledon what would you do with it?                              

Develop a centrally located Biz Centre to support Ward 1.

Our small business owners and entrepreneurs are at a great disadvantage when it comes to hi-speed internet in today’s digital world.

 A not for profit facility setup in one of the vacant buildings in our villages ie; the old Alton Public School and empty retail locations in Caledon Village just to mention a couple. Business people could come and use the provided business equipment and Hi-Speed service which would give them access to enough band width to do Skype calls, webinars, teleconferencing, with boardroom presentation space.

A not for profit facility would also give small business owners and  students the opportunity to interact with a cadre of successful entrepreneurs as mentors, build awareness for  “buy local” talent and business to business exchange.

Students could volunteer to help with I.T. support, hosting and admin responsibilities, while accumulating school volunteer hours in a progressive local business environment.

Small business is the hub of our economy and needs to be recognized and supported in Ward 1.

What is your favorite place in Caledon and why?

My favorite place in Caledon is my own neighborhood in Alton. It is the first place in my life where I have felt at home. There is definitely something very special about living in a small town. We were so fortunate to have found a place like this to raise our children. It’s is where people still seem to have time to sit down and have coffee, come by to help you with a chore you’re working on, a place where people still look out for one another… a real sense of community.


Email: dwaynejackson@rogers.com

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