Debbie Sherwood – Councillor Candidate Town of Orangeville

Debbie SherwoodHow long have you been an Orangeville Resident?

I’ve been a resident of Orangeville for 39 years, Have 3 grown adult children and 4 grandchildren born and raised in Orangeville

What would you change and/or improve in Orangeville?  

The current council over the last 4 years has been dysfunctional an ineffective.  It is imperative to me to return dignity and respect to the Council chambers and work collaboratively with all Council members as a team, Town Staff, Neighbourhood Municipalities and Citizens.  There have not been any productive decisions in this last term and we need to put personal difference aside and work on making the Town better. As an elected official I will advocate for developing a strategic business plan for Orangeville and a financial plan focusing on accountability and transparency. A stronger business community will lead to more local jobs and investment and a better tax base which is good for everyone.

If you were to receive a million dollar grant for the Town of Orangeville, what would you do with it and why?

My first thought would be to invest it and use the interest to provide fundraising matching to the community events.  Many organizations and special interest groups approach Council for funding so how great would it be if Council rather than decline their request for funding offer a fund matching for all their fundraising efforts.  This way Council will be providing some good things for the community and those organizations are getting assistance without it costing the taxpayers and it give volunteers opportunities to advocate for their cause and wants knowing their efforts will be rewarded.

What is your favourite place in Orangeville and why?

I LOVE Downtown Orangeville, it is vibrant with so much history and charm. We have our Town Hall as the main focus of our great community that hosts many community events including the Orangeville Farmers Market, Orangeville Blues and Jazz, Moonlight Magic and of course our Opera House that hosts Theatre Orangeville.  The Downtown core has such an array of restaurants, coffee shops, clothing shops, many retail and professional services, unique shops, arts and culture. I would love to encourage everyone to spend a day exploring all the wonders of our thriving Downtown. It is by far Orangeville’s best destination.


  • I’ve been a resident of Orangeville for 39 years
  • Have 3 grown adult children and 4 grandchildren born and raised in Orangeville
  • Been involved in many sports clubs, school, arts and cultural organizations
  • Recently retired as a Certified Municipal Tax Professional after 35 years working for Municipal Government in a Financial Role. I have seen the running of the inside of Town Hall.
  • Worked for Town of Orangeville as Tax Collector for 30 years in the Treasury Department – retired in 2012
  • Worked for Municipality of Port Hope as Tax and Revenue Coordinator/Deputy-Treasurer for 5 years – retired in 2018
  • Faculty member of Seneca College as a mentor/marker for the Municipal Tax Administration Program.
  • Certificate in Financial Accounting I & II – Georgian College
  • Expertise in Taxation, Finance, Operating and Capital Budgeting and Tax Sales.
  • Member of Ontario Municipal Tax Revenue Association (OMTRA) since 1987, received C.M.T.P. designation in 1999
  • Attended and participated in many Council meetings and Sub-committee meetings
  • Strong knowledge of Municipal Tax Legislation
  • Two time Coordinator of T.O.P.S. Town of Orangeville Promotes Savings Program coordinating the implementation of Town employee’s savings suggestions which accomplished over $450,000 in annual savings to taxpayers.


Fiscal Responsibility: I will make sound financial decisions with your tax dollars. I will ensure that the budget set is justified and prudent and will only approve budget needs and wants. I will request a line by line approval of the budget. Planning for the future ensures the Town’s obligations are met and investments are secure.

Transparency and Trust: I want to bring back integrity to the Council as a work and work collaboratively with my fellow Council members, staff, neighbouring Municipalities and YOU the citizens.  I will ensure the Town is transparent to the citizens and businesses of Orangeville

Accountability:  I will be accountable for my actions and decisions to YOU the taxpayer.  I will make informed decisions that are in the best interest of the whole community

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