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Things You Should Know About Bottled Water!

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPinterestPrintDid you know that the majority of bottled water on the market do not contain optimal levels (0.7–1.2 ppm) of fluoride. And, some types of home water treatment systems […]

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Canker Sores and Stress

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPinterestPrintCanker sores develop inside the mouth as small white or grey sores that have a red border. They are not contagious and may occur as one or several sores. […]

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The Importance of Staying Hydrated During Exercise

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPinterestPrintAs we sweat, breath and rid of waste our bodies lose fluids. If we lose more fluids than we take in we become dehydrated and the need to drink lots of water […]

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Top 4 Places to visit in Quebec City in Winter

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPinterestPrintMust see places in Quebec city in winter Ice Hotel Quebec City – Hôtel de Glace de Quebec Old Quebec City Montmorency Falls – Quebec City Waterfalls Carnaval de Québec – […]

New Years Eve/Day – Melbourne Australia

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPinterestPrintNew Years Eve/Day with the Cousins Down Under – Melbourne Australia Thanks to George and Violetta for hosting and everyone else for helping to organize it!!!