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The Caledon Ladies Hiking and Meet Up Group was created to get women together for health, fitness, wellness, getting the community together and to introduce new people to Caledon to each other. It has been such great success and the women are so thankful for having this group.

The events of the group are suited for ladies 18+ such as hiking, socials, yoga or getting together at the local pub. This is a closed Facebook group and only members of the group are able to see and join the upcoming events.


For privacy, safety and making this a fun experience there are a few things we need to note. Safety First!!!
1) Ensure that your Facebook profile picture is of YOURSELF so that we know who is joining us on the hikes and events.
2) We ask that you honour your commitment in attending events that you have RSVP to. Some events will have a cap of how many people can attend and if your plans change please change your RSVP so that other people will be able to attend.
3) Under no circumstance should the time and dates of any upcoming events be posted anywhere else other than the group page. (We really don’t need the world to know when we have left our house)
4) If you have been added to the group, and are not interested in being a part of it, we won’t be offended if you leave.
5) Please be mindful of what you post and be respectful to others.
6) Promotions of events, information of business’ other than ones that are FREE or related to the group will be removed or not approved.
All events are suited to ladies 18 to 99 so please do not ever think you can’t do something …. We are all here to support each other, try new things and have fun in the process 🙂

Looking forward to spending time with all of you!!!!

Check out some of the events we have already done by clicking here.

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  1. Hi my name is Lee. I live in Bolton and I am a senior fitness instructor. I would really like to join your group but I am unsure of the facebook rules. Could you give me a hand to register as a possible member of your Caledon Ladies Hiking Group. I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hello, my name is Darlene Noakes and I live in Orangeville. I have hiked with your group to Forks of the Credit. I have a facebook account but I have never used it. I enjoyed the group, the pace and your guidance as a leader.
    I can send you a picture and any information you need. I would like to join as two friends are currently in your group I believe. Kim from Bolton and Anne from Caledon.
    Thanks and let me know what else you need. I definitely appreciate your privacy and don’t post anything lol as I don’t know how.


    • Hi Darlene
      It is very hard to keep track of everyone and that is why all members have to be part of the Facebook group. There is where we post all the hikes, event, passwords etc. This is for safety of the group and so that events stay private as we do not need people to know when we have left our house 🙂 You are more then welcomed to join the group on Facebook and then to the hikes and events.

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