Angela Panacci – Regional Councillor Candidate Ward 5 (Town of Caledon)

Angela PanacciIf elected how/what would you do to improve Active Transportation within Caledon and how would you improve existing connections between communities?

As a Board of Director for Caledon Community Services, I know how vital a strong transportation network is to ensuring that our vulnerable and senior population stays engaged and doesn’t become isolated and forgotten.

When elected I commit to revisiting the Bolton Master Transportation Plan and getting to work on connecting our communities.

Our community continues to grow and we need to have the infrastructure and transportation system that works.

What will you do to bring in new business that can thrive in Caledon and how will you help existing small businesses succeed?

 This is important to me as this my campaign platform.  I am the only candidate that has made this issue a campaign platform.  I will advocate for all local businesses and work with members of Council to develop by-laws that prevents vacancy in commercial property for tax write-off purposes.  In addition to closing leasing loopholes that handcuff business owners to non-law abiding absentee landlords.  I will be proactive in approaching complementary businesses to come to our Town.  We need to provide our residents with more options to shop local.  The success of our business community is a win for all of us in the community.

There has been a lot of discussion with respect to truck traffic in Caledon and the danger it poses on our main roads. If elected what do you plan to do to address these concerns?

As your Regional Councillor it is my job to find ways in which trucks and cars can safely co-exist.

The real solution to this problem is for the extension of the 427 to highway 9.  This will take truck traffic off of our Regional Road 50, and give it back to our residents and have it only for local traffic.

As a short term solution the 427 is being extended to Major Mackenzie with an expected completion date of 2019/2020.  Work has already started and I will continue to be vigilant with the province to ensure it is completed within the timeline they have given us.

What will you do to ensure council works together in the new term?

It starts now.  I strongly believe that in order for our Bolton to thrive and to see progress, we need to work together.

My corporate experience has reaffirmed that in order to achieve objectives and get results, we must be team players, be respectful of each other and put the best interest of the community first.

Previous Questions and Answers:

How long have you been a Caledon Resident?

My in-laws came first, they told us about this beautiful town and we followed shortly after.  We have been part of this wonderful community for the last 8 years.

What would you change and/or improve in Caledon? 

Holistically I would like us to be better connected.  We have such a large landmass with different beautiful quaint villages that unfortunately not everyone knows about.  It is important to not let distance take away our sense of One Caledon.

With respect to Bolton, I would like to us to have that sense of pride return to our community.  Bolton is beautiful and we have a lot to be proud of.  It is important to me that members of the community feel heard and that the right decisions and proper actions are taken for the greater good of the community as a whole.

If you were to receive a million dollar grant for the Town of Caledon, what would you do with it and why?

When I read this question, the first thing that came to my mind is the Bare Naked Ladies song “If I had a million dollars”…If I received a grant for a million dollars I would invest it in connecting our growing community and see if I could leverage any available government infrastructure funding. I would accomplish this by connecting the Caledon Trailway to Bolton, that way residents will be able to walk, bike, hike, run, all of the 5 wards in Caledon just using the trails. Lastly but not least, If there were remaining funds I would use them to beautify our quaint villages.

What is your favourite place in Caledon and why?

There is so much beauty in all of Caledon that it is really hard to choose, but if I have to choose, my heart is in Bolton!  I love that we are big, yet small enough that it doesn’t matter where I go, I run into people that I know.  All of my favourite places are here.  I get my fix of cappuccinos at my local bakery, or my favourite lunch at my local restaurant; my children get their ice cream fix at our local ice cream shops.  I feel so blessed that we don’t have to go far to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and trails.


I am strong believer that in order to influence change, one needs to be present, involved and at the table.  Through out my corporate career, I developed and enhanced strengths that are valuable and an asset to the role of Regional Councilor.  Taking a collaborate approach and the ability to build relationships have allowed me to accomplish great things in my career and get things done!  I want to serve the people and I know that together, the citizens, the Town and the Region we can accomplish wonderful and powerful things for the greater good of Bolton.

I have also come to understand that one of our greatest needs, as human being is the desire to be heard.  It is important to listen to our citizens, even our fiercest opponents.  However an equally important aspect of listening is having the courage to use the whole information to make the right decisions that will benefit all of the community.

On a personal note my husband and I have been married for 16 years and we have 3 wonderful children.

I look forward to meeting you and to bumping into you around town.  I would love to meet and connect with you.

My email is

FB: @angelapanacci4Bolton

Twitter: @angela4Bolton

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