Andy Macintosh – Deputy Mayor Candidate Town of Orangeville

Andy MacintoshHow long have you been an Orangeville Resident?

I have lived in Orangeville for the past 52 years.

What would you change and/or improve in Orangeville?  

Change and improve, I would encourage the town to start holding the line on taxes, they are currently going up close to 5% a year, not sustainable, there needs to be a cooperative effort to hold tax increases to the cost of living, and no higher. Events, bring back Founders Day, wonderful family event, there needs to be more activities like our great Blues and Jazz Festival held in town, hopefully we can keep people from going elsewhere on the weekend, and spend their time in Orangeville.

If you were to receive a million dollar grant for the Town of Orangeville, what would you do with it and why?

If Orangeville received a million dollar grant, I would have to put it towards our infrastructure, roads, and sidewalks, these item are a constant drain on our yearly budget, and with the winters we get in Orangeville they are in constant need of repair.

What is your favourite place in Orangeville and why?

My favorite place to go in Orangeville would be walking on some of the towns amazing trails, they are well kept and maintained by the town, and always lead somewhere, you can go for ten minutes or be gone for two hours.


My name is Andy Macintosh I am running for the position of Deputy Mayor for the town of Orangeville, you may know me from my time with the Orangeville Fire Department, the last 16 years as fire chief, until my retirement 2 years ago. During that time I was honored to receive, the National Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal, Fire Service Long Service Medal, as well as the Queens Diamond Jubilee and Golden Jubilee medals, and recently was the recipient of the Canada 150 Medallion. I have been a resident of Orangeville for the past 52 years, married to my wife Kathie for the last 38 years, and recently our daughter Brittany gave us our first granddaughter Nova.

I am currently chair of Community Safety Partners, I also sit on the board of directors for Community Living Dufferin, and have previously sat on the board of directors for the Orangeville Food Bank. During my time as fire chief I was appointed Dufferin County Fire Coordinator, a position I held for 17 years. Dufferin County Tiered Response Coordinator, and Orangeville’s Emergency Management Coordinator.

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