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Tips for traveling to Italy in the summer

Pack light: To avoid the baggage lineups bring a carry-on and ensure it is an approved one with the right dimensions and sizes so that you are not forced/asked to check it in.

  • Light dresses, pants, shirts, shorts and/or skirts
  • one sweatshirt (wear a light jacket on the plane so it doesn’t take up space in your carry on)
  • one or two bathing-suits
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • a pair of flip-flops
  • water-shoes (most beaches are stone beaches and they make it easier to get in the water)
  • Leave the high heels at home. The cobble stone roads make it hard to walk on even in wedges

Car rental: The smaller the better. Although the Italian highways are great, the narrow roads throughout the cities and small towns make it hard to drive around in a big car. A smaller car is also easier park on the narrow cobble stone roads.

Places to stay: You can find some great places on or AirBnB.

   Three top things to check for when booking your stay

  • If you have a car ensure they have parking available for you
  • Air conditioning
  • At least one of the places should have a washing machine

Ways to get around the big cities: Although walking is great, most big cities have electric stand up scooters and bikes rentals that can be found anywhere and everywhere. They make it easier to move around faster and allow you see more attractions.

Places and times to eat: Most of Italy is open for lunch 12:30-2:00 and dinner from 7-9. If you miss these windows of opening it will be hard for you to find restaurants that serve food.

BARS are open all day and they serve coffee, alcohol, light snacks, sweets and some also serve panini. They can be found everywhere. NOTE: There are different prices for take-out or stay in. Eg. Two cappuccinos cost about 3 EUROS in a to go cup, 5 EUROS to have it in, but if you do take it in a to go cup you can not stay and drink it at the table. This is with most things including gelato 🙂

Places to visit: Although there will be lots of interesting things you will see that may not have been on your to do list, ensure you do your research prior to your visit so that you are not driving/walking around aimlessly. Having destinations and places to see makes your trip a lot smoother and it ensures you get to see the places you wanted to see.

Purses, bags, backpacks: It has been said that you should always wear your bags/purses/backpacks in front of you to avoid pickpockets in larger crowds. To be honest, we found all the cities and towns very safe, but still wore our bags in front of us.

Always have your phone fully charged and carry a portable charger: We used Google Maps and WAZE a lot to find places and took a lot of photos and videos. These apps drain the battery and having full power ensures your phone doesn’t die when you need it. NOTE: Some of the cobble stone roads can get intertwined so be sure to always pin the location of where you have parked so that it’s easier to find your car or starting point. Having your phone fully charged ensures you always have access to your phone.

Check out some of the places we visited:


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