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Message from Humberview SS and Mayfield SS provided by Trustee Stan Cameron

Message from Trustee Stan Cameron:

I met with the Principals from Mayfield SS and Humberview SS, Caledon’s Superintendent and the Board’s Manager of Communications. I requested a message I could share from the Board as to how and why the schools are proceeding with their respective wall picture projects.

Humberview Secondary School

Humberview is receiving an internal facelift. Renovations have occurred to the cafeteria, stage, hallways and several classrooms. In their ongoing efforts to honour the illustrious history of their school and highlight the academic and athletic excellence of past staff and students—and recent graduates—Humberview has been working diligently to renovate their Hallway of Excellence. As much as they would like to ensure that every deserving student and staff member has their photo in the Hallway of Excellence, it’s just not possible because there’s no more room for additional photos.

But there is a solution. Once the facelift of the Hallway of Excellence is complete, it will continue to showcase student and staff photos, and honour future graduates. Past graduates shouldn’t worry, though. Their photos are currently being digitized and will be continuously displayed by the gym on a 55’’ interactive monitor. Arrangements will be made in the fall to connect graduates and families with the originals. And while the pandemic has kept us social distancing, past graduates and staff may have the opportunity to pick up their actual physical photo this September.

Send Principal John Colton an email ( for arrangements and for more information.

Mayfield Secondary School

Built in 1969, Mayfield has had a long and storied history. Thousands of students and hundreds of staff have walked its halls. So, it’s no surprise that, more than 50 years later, Mayfield has run out of room to display photos on its walls.

Mayfield wants to continue to honour its staff and students, including the Athletes of the Year, so they’ve developed solutions to ensure this happens. Mayfield knows the school community loves seeing these photos and thinks they’re fabulous, and they will continue to showcase them.

The school has always valued excellence and innovation and they want to continue their tradition of respecting past graduates with these photos. Combining its collective school history with technology and design, Mayfield is resizing its Athlete of the Year photos to improve the space so they can proudly showcase the past and the present, and provide the room to grow in the future.

Looking forward, Mayfield is excited at the prospect of welcoming their students and community back into their newly renovated spaces. And given that Mayfield’s 50th reunion last May was derailed by COVID, they’re looking for a reason to celebrate.

Send Principal Jim Kardash an email ( for more information about how Mayfield plans to showcase these pictures. He knows you think they’re fabulous. And he wants you to see them when we can all get together again.

In addition, anyone wanting to talk directly with me should feel free to call 905-880-1162 or email me at

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