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Change on “List of essential workplaces” with respect to Health Professionals

After a lot of google searches to figure out where the government has announced that health professionals can reopen I decided to go back to my blog titled “Updated List of Essential Workplaces Ontario April 3rd, 2020 – Covid-19” to see the list of the updated essential services. The blog is a copy and paste from the government site the day it was announced.

Here is the link

Clicking on any of the words of the blog will bring you to the government site.

Notice the difference in the wording? (SEE SCREENSHOTS BELOW)

NOTE: Although health professionals are allowed to reopen they must have the guidelines for reopening from their regulatory bodies.

Screenshot from copy and pasted Lifeology 101 blog dated April 3rd, 2020

Lifeology 101 linked

Screenshot of current Government “List of essential workplaces”

Lifeology 101 linked 2

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