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Free Online Workout Classes Month of April – The Parlour Project

The Parlour Project, founded by Lee-Anne Simpson, is a team of volunteers from all over Ontario, offering free online classes during this time to help all of us stay fit and healthy. From HIIT, zumba, cardio, yoga to self-care and healthy living.

The schedule below will be the same every week throughout the month of April.

To join any of the classes download ZOOM and enter the meeting number and password.

Meeting Code: 471 452 910 Password: 214483




A MESSAGE from The Parlour Project Team:

We are so excited to welcome you to The Parlour Project! Our vision is to invoke a sense of nostalgia while bringing back some of the seemingly lost “Good ‘Ol Days”. By spending quality time with family, our friends and our neighbours we simply strive for connection. An early origin of parlour is derived from the french language and simply means “to speak”. We believe that as we travel together in this busy world , for many, social media is dominating our input and often our output as well. Communication now, more than ever, is a skill that requires practice to positively serve as an integral part of our well being. Sharing our vision of The Parlour Project with you as a place of gathering, creating connection and collaboration is only the beginning. By joining together to unite a sense of community and extending our ideas and support to one another, we know that The Parlour Project will grow and ultimately be shaped by each and every visitor starting with YOU! We are excited to welcome you! Come join us in The Parlour as we have launched our first platform of Connection, Fitness & Wellness Online. Connecting participant’s with like minded interests from communities all around us. Volunteer instructors have come together to offer FREE classes including Chair Yoga, Zumba, Strength with or without weights, Stretching, HIIT and Nutrition and Organizational Webinars. These classes are just the beginning as our vision is to eventually host Walk & Talks where people can connect in a conference call format and take a walk together with a guided meditation, Tree Bathing session and sound healing. Puzzles, Riddles and Games will also be offered just like the Saturday paper in which people will have a chance to include the Mind Wellness into their daily lives. These gatherings and other events have all been created to help strengthen and build our connection as a whole!

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