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Michele Fisher – Official Candidate Dufferin-Caledon Liberal Party of Canada

Michele FisherAre you going to rubber stamp what your elected leader (PM) tells you or will you fight for the riding that elected you?

I will stand up for the people in this riding. There are times when an MP is called upon to vote a certain way, typically on a policy relating to a major party platform or budget. Since many voters make their decisions based on party platform or because they believe in their local candidate, this shouldn’t be a problem. In the rare instance that it is, I will listen to my constituents and advocate for them.

What is your definition of a ‘family unit’? 

Family is a group of two or more people related by blood, marriage or friendship, who are committed to looking after one another. Early in my career, I worked at a family service agency and saw many different types of families. The common bond is love.

Do you support the building of the 413, which will undoubtedly require some use of federal funds?

Anyone who has driven to the city for work knows that we need a new option for reducing congestion on our highways. However, I don’t think that another major highway is the answer. We need to explore other options like a rail corridor or LRT to reduce truck traffic and carbon emissions. More highways equals more gravel pits… most would agree we have enough in our area! I’ve spoken with a lot of residents who want to see a GO Train through our riding too.

What is your policy on climate change and do you support science based research?

We need to take urgent action on climate change and the environment. Whether we are talking about transitioning to a clean-energy-based economy or eliminating single use plastics, our approach needs to be informed by science. Canada can be a leader in this. The key is investing in innovation. Just a few days ago, the Liberals granted $5.6 million in a local Orangeville company, E. Hofmann Plastics, to help them develop compostable trays and recyclable coffee pods made from plant-based resins. This is the kind of progress we need – an investment in the environment and in local jobs.

How do you feel about universal medical care across Canada to lower cost of medication?

I fully support a national pharmacare program and expanding universal medical care. The federal and provincial governments need to cooperate – for example, by signing a healthcare agreement to increase funding for home healthcare and mental health.
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