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Stefan Wiesen – Official Candidate Dufferin-Caledon Green Party of Canada

Stefan-Wiesan_HS1-96dpi+smallAre you going to rubber stamp what your elected leader (PM) tells you or will you fight for the riding that elected you?

This is precisely where I, as a Green, am different. The old line parties sometimes allow MPs to cast a free vote. Equally, they bind their MPs to essential votes. i.e. the real important ones. In contrast, Green parliamentarians are always and only responsible to their conscience and constituents.

What is your definition of a ‘family unit’? 

A “family” is already legally defined by Statistics Canada. I go with our government not seeing a need for my own definition.

Do you support the building of the 413, which will undoubtedly require some use of federal funds?

I don’t. Especially in our riding, there is strong opposition to more gravel pits. Road-building is the largest user of gravel. The significant amount of money would be better invested in public transport and enabling more people to work locally or from home. Equally, we can improve existing road infrastructure.

What is your policy on climate change and do you support science based research?

Good question for a Green:) The vast majority of proper climatologists have proven that the rapid warming of our climate is caused by man-made GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions (not to be confused with “pollution”, which is also bad). So are recent extreme climate events. I definitely agree with the acknowledged climate experts. I firmly believe in science based research, actually relating to all matters, not only to climate. Check the Green Party’s MISSION: POSSIBLE climate action plan.

How do you feel about universal medical care across Canada to lower cost of medication?

Medial care is provided by the Provinces with a large portion of funding and guidelines coming from the federal government. Health Canada has tools available to control the cost of medication in the approval process. This way, they can both offer the drug manufacturers access to a huge lucrative market, while suppressing per patient cost. Yes, I’m in favour of comprehensive health care not least because it can be delivered in a fiscally responsible manner.

Official Campaign Launch at GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co.

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