68311315_10162107774245574_4661948689252614144_nAre you going to rubber stamp what your elected leader (PM) tells you or will you fight for the riding that elected you?

NO I am not going to rubber stamp any policies which will hurt our riding.  There is no “Party Whip” in the People’s Party of Canada telling us how to vote, my main focus is primarily on our riding. Concentrating on such things as a better quality of life for special needs adults to protecting our water from big industries such as Nestle and the Mega Pit.

I am running because I felt that I had to make a difference in our area.  To show this government and future government that their are still right minded voters out there and we should not be forgotten.

What is your definition of a ‘family unit’? 

Two or more people who based on a commitment of “love” work together to achieve a better life together through mutual understanding and compromise.

I know this differs from the traditional definition, I don’t feel you need to have kids to be considered a family. I love my wife and she would still be my “family ” without our children.

Do you support the building of the 413, which will undoubtedly require some use of federal funds?

NO I don’t support the 413. I feel the provincial government made a bad deal when they leased it out the 407.  I feel the resources and environmental impact to make an almost parallel route is a waste.  I hope the province can try to use its resources in procuring  partial ownership back of the 407 or find another solution to alleviate traffic congestion with using the 407 as the infrastructure is already in place.

What is your policy on climate change and do you support science based research?

The best way to help the climate along with supporting the third world countries of the world is to support the growth of technology, and allowing efficient products to come to market.  The key will be to find an affordable consistent replacement to fossil fuels not just banning fossil fuels entirelyA total ban will cripple the third world development and  not allow them to achieve infrastructure to protect themselves against a changing climate.

My faith in the general public far outweighs my faith in our political system and politicians to do what is right when it comes to solving issues such as these.  You might be scratching your head at this point as I am running for office but I do feel I am not your ordinary politicians I am a person who believes in common sense over everything else.  

I enjoyed reading many of Phil Jones writings, he was a lead contributor to the IPCC please google Phil Jones climate emails.  When it come to climate the variables are to extreme to get a definitive answer, that is scientific fact.  This is why no one can predict 100% a tornado or the path of hurricane even the weather tomorrow.

How do you feel about universal medical care across Canada to lower cost of medication?

I am a strong supporter of lowering costs associated with medical necessities across the country. I believe a review on the patents and policies which stop life saving medications from coming to market is needed.  The problem is we import most of our prescription drugs. Canada needs to create an environment that allow business to grow with in the country to encourage corporations to produce here.  More supply and competition leads to lower prices.   I do feel that the transfer of the GST to the province will help them make advances in the health care system.


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