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Get to Know Kyle Seeback – Conservative Party Candidate Nominee for MP in Dufferin-Caledon

59766604_2349976695280997_1446124950376153088_n (2)Why did you choose to seek the Dufferin-Caledon Conservative Party nomination?

I believe our democracy is in trouble. To a large degree, we have lost what we used to call representative democracy.  People seeking election, or trying to win a nomination will say, “I will be your voice in Ottawa.” Then, they go to Ottawa and vote as they are told and do what they are told to do. Look at the recent SNC Lavalin scandal as an example. This is not what I consider to be democracy.

I believe your representative should vote the way YOU want them to.  When I was a Member of Parliament, I voted against my party’s wishes on many occasions when I knew it was how my constituents wanted me to vote.

How will you represent Dufferin-Caledon at the federal level?

I will always vote on legislation based on consultation with my constituents. I will work with the Federal Government to improve rural broadband service in Dufferin-Caledon. I will work with the Federal Government to increase infrastructure investments in our community and increase investments in affordable housing.

What do you consider are the top 2 issues on Dufferin-Caledon voters’ minds?

I believe that affordability and rural broadband are critical issues for Dufferin Caledon. Life is getting too expensive for people under the Liberal Government. Despite many promises, rural broadband has not been brought to the rural parts of our riding.

What is your plan to connect with residents?
I will be spending my summer going door-to-door in all the communities of our riding, to hear first hand from the people. I will also be using social media to engage residents and attending local community events.

What is unique about you that you believe sets you apart as a candidate?

  1. I will host townhall meetings every four months to discuss issues with my constituents and to learn how they would like me to vote on matters before Parliament.
  2. I will send out letters and other forms of communications to my constituents advising them of upcoming bills before parliament and seeking their input as to how I should vote.
  3. I will set up citizen advisory groups. These will include, seniors, youth, environment, indigenous peoples, veterans and people with disabilities. These groups will assist me in understanding the issues that are most important to them. I am also happy to form other groups based on feedback from my constituents.
  4. I will meet any time with our municipal leaders to discuss any issues that are important for our communities. I will also set up at least one formal meeting a year with our municipal leaders to discuss how the Federal Government can assist with local priorities.

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