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Tanya Granic Allen’s Email to Dufferin- Caledon PAFE Members

On July 5th 2019, Tanya Granic Allen, sent an email to PAFE members asking Dufferin-Caledon residents to sign up for a Conservative Party of Canada membership to be able to vote for a certain candidate on July 31st.

To everyone else’s knowledge the last day to register with the Conservative Party of Canada was July 4th NOT July 5th to be able to vote on July 31st. There may be a lot of people upset when they go the Nomination Meeting and find out that they can not vote because they purchased their membership on the 5th!

For the PDF version click here PAFE-Email-1 (1)

The E-Mail

From: Tanya Granic Allen <>
Date: July 5, 2019 at 7:11:10 PM EDT
Subject: Deadline TONIGHT (11:59pm): Dufferin-Caledon voting registration

Tanya 1

I don’t often write to you about federal politics, but we know it is VERY important that we elect politicians at ALL levels of government who will be a strong voice for the family.

With that in mind, there is something important happening in your riding of Dufferin-Caledon.

You are probably aware that long-time Dufferin-Caledon Conservative MP David Tilson is not seeking re-election this year.

You also might have heard about the messy first effort at finding a replacement for him. A nomination meeting was held in April, and Mr. Harzadan Khattra was the eventual winner of the Conservative (CPC) nomination contest. For reasons known to the CPC, that nomination meeting was overturned, and the federal Conservatives in Dufferin-Caledon are “starting over”. A new nomination meeting has been scheduled for July 31st in the riding.

I am writing to you now because TODAY, Friday July 5, at 11:59 pm, is the deadline to join the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) if you want to have a chance to vote to choose the new Conservative Candidate in your riding. To join, go to

Why should you join the CPC today?

Mostly, we at Parents as First Educators (PAFE) are focused on provincial issues, but there are federal issues that impact parental rights and the Canadian family.

  • Bill C-16 – This bill has pushed “gender ideology” onto Canadian society and essentially is threatening to force Canadians to accept “gender ideology”, an ideology which is very controversial and unscientific. This should be repealed;
  • Recently there was a bill in the Senate (S-260) that sought “to amend the Criminal Code to ban conversion therapy advertising to minors under the age of 18 and to criminalize receiving a financial or material benefit from the practice”. Thankfully, this bill did not get very far – it was introduced too late to advance into law – but we are concerned that it might come back. We need federal politicians in Ottawa who will vote against such proposed anti-family legislation;
  • The Liberal government has become like a dictator; either accept their agenda or you get nothing. Before, religious groups, and many charities were eligible to government funding for summer student employees. This program was open to all. Now, the Liberals have demanded that every organization must sign an agreement that they support abortion or else they get no funding for summer students. Here at PAFE, we believe that the government should never punish people based on their values and beliefs.

We need to defeat the Trudeau Liberals and we need to replace them with Conservative MPs who share the family values that we have in common. We need good people who agree with PAFE – that parents are and should be the first and primary educators of their children.

PAFE has been informed by reliable sources that there is at least one such candidate already running for the CPC nomination. If you join today, you will get a chance to vote for a candidate who will oppose Trudeau’s anti-family agenda. You will have the opportunity to vote for a family-values candidate.

Will you help elect a strong voice for families for Dufferin-Caledon? Will you stand up for your family and make sure we can have a safe and family-friendly society?

Who can vote to pick the CPC candidate?

According to the Conservative Party: “Anybody who wishes to be eligible to vote at the nomination meeting … must be a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and residing in the Electoral District of Dufferin-Caledon as of Friday July 5, 2019.  Memberships can be purchased online until 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Friday July 5, 2019.”

There are four more points that you need to know:

  • Anyone can join who is a resident of Canada (either citizen or permanent resident)
  • you must be at least fourteen (14) years of age
  • you can’t belong to another federal political party
  • it costs fifteen dollars ($15 ) to join for one year.

How can you join today?

There is now only one way: online. Go to and pick one of the payment options ($15 for one year, $25 for two years, and so on).

Once you have joined, please let me know by leaving a message at 416-763-7233 or by emailing me at I will have important instructions in the coming days to pass on.

Please do not hesitate. Purchase your membership today- and spread the word! You only have until 11:59pm tonight!

For the family,

Tanya Granic Allen, President

PS Remember the Federal Conservative Party and the Provincial PCs are two different parties. So you must buy a federal membership to vote for a federal nomination. Please sign up today!

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