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Harzadan Khattra has officially been removed as the Dufferin-Caledon nomination candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada

Date April 25th 2019

Dufferin-Caledon Conservative riding president Jennifer Innis has released a statement to the board confirming that Mr. Harzadan Khattra’s appeal has been disallowed and the original decision of the National Council will be held.

What this means is that Mr. Harzadan Khattra was removed as the Dufferin Caledon Conservative Party Nomination Candidate which was a decision he appealed to the National Council. Today the National Council has released that the appeal was disallowed.

No decision has been made or at least not one that is public, about who the Dufferin Caledon Conservative Party Nomination Candidate will be.

In the email to board members Dustin van Vugt stated “I will say that we are going to take a few days to decide what the best next steps are.”


  1. I am glad he has been removed because I would never have voted for him and it would have forced me to vote other then conservative for the first time in my life.

  2. Kevin Weatherbee was the actual candidate that won so why doesn’t he get to claim the victory that Mr. Harzadan Khattra stole from him. None of these appeals and wasted time and money would have been necessary if Mr. Khattra played by the rules like everyone else!!!

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