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My Blending Recipes

To all of these I add a half a cup of pure orange/mango juice or pure pineapple juice for a smoother blend, you may however, add water instead.

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2 Swiss Chard Leaves, Kale, 5 Parsley with Stem, Half Cucumber, Banana, Frozen Peach and Frozen Mango. (Makes 3 Cups)

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Celery Stick, Banana, Half a Pear, Swiss Chard Leaf, 4 thick Slices Zucchini, 3 Asparagus, Spinach, 3 Parsley Sticks, 8 Pecans and 2 Kale Leaves. (2 Cups)

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GREEN BLAST Blending green this morning. Swiss Chard, Half an Apple, 5 Parsley, Spinach (10 leafs), 6 Kale leaves, 4 asparagus and 1 Banana. This one is just for me! (2 Cups)

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Celery Stick 1/4 Cucumber 4 Asparagus 10 Strawberries Banana Kale (5 large leaves) Parsley (5 with stem) Half cup of carrots, Spinach Half Mango Tablespoon of flax seeds and a Beet. (4 Cups)

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Cup of frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and cranberries), peach, pineapple, 5 large leaves of Kale, carrots, half a cucumber, two beets and flax seeds. (6 Cups)

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5 parsley with stem, cube of frozen spinach, (about 10 large leaves), 5 large leaves of Kale, 5 asparagus, 9 frozen strawberries, frozen mango, apple, 1/3 cucumber, banana, tablespoons of flax seeds and table spoon of crushed pecans. (6 Cups)

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1/8 cabbage, Swiss Chard, parsley, beets, carrots, cup and a half mixed frozen berries, banana and 2 tablespoons of crushed pecans Makes 3 glasses. (6 Cups)

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You will taste the cabbage in this one so you may want to add a banana or two 🙂 personally I don’t mind it. 1/8 Cabbage, Half Frozen Mango, half frozen Apple, Half Frozen Pear, 6 frozen mini Carrots, Celery Stick, Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard Leaf, 8 Walnuts, Tablespoon of Flax Seeds. (4 cups)


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