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Full Statement From Mars Canada Representative on the Asphalt Plant

Below is the full statement presented to the developer and council on January 15th by the Mars Canada representative at the Public Information Meeting with respect to the Asphalt Plant.

*    My name is Tonya Origlieri and I am representing Mars Canada today.  Mars has been a proud member of the Bolton community for over 30 years.

*    We respectfully wish to express our concerns regarding the application of an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment that would allow the construction of an asphalt plant on Coleraine Drive.

*    The proposed site for the asphalt plant at 12415 Coleraine Drive is only 300 meters from the Schenker distribution center located at 12315 Coleraine.  

*    Schenker currently acts as a distribution centre for a wide range of Mars Canada food products, along with raw materials supporting the manufacturing of our chocolate, rice and pet food products.  

*    Also, the proposed asphalt plant location is also across the street from a new 890,000 square foot warehouse facility planned by Mars Canada.  This new facility would involve an investment of $100 million, and following a $77 million expansion of our food plant just last year, represents the latest investment by our company in the Bolton community.  

*    The production of asphalt is known to release toxic fumes.

*    Mars Canada products – in particular, chocolate- could absorb odours and flavours from emissions discharged from an asphalt plant; similarly, fumes could be absorbed by our packaging material and diffused into our products, despite product wrapping; asphalt production also creates toxic dust which contains heavy metals, which poses a risk to handling wrapped products.

*    Our products may also absorb airborne chemicals emanating from the facility could impact the health of our consumers: the International Agency for Research on Cancer has issued a statement classifying occupational exposures to straight-run asphalt cement and related emissions during road paving as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

*    In summary, the proposed location of an asphalt plant so close to the Schenker, as well as our new warehouse investment could have an insurmountable and detrimental impact on our business operations in Bolton and Canada.

*    Thank you for the opportunity to share our concerns today.


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