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Caledon Paramedics – Here is all the information you need to know to see who is being misleading

Thanks to certain paramedics some who work in Caledon every single day and Union representatives I have put all the information in this blog for easy access. Read it, educate yourselves and come to the conclusion to who is being misleading. The evidence is pretty clear and I can assure you it’s not the paramedics or the Union.

2007 Emergency and Protective services presentation by Chief Dundas regarding the 10 year facilities plan.

Appendix A EPSC Facilities Presentation June 2007 (1)

Chief Dundas has stated that adjacent municipalities will cover Caledon when necessary. Please see the attached presentation to Caledon council indicating that the average response for York into Bolton is 21 mins. Completely consistent with the concerns raised recently by residents.

13 Town of Caledon Delegation June 26-12

Map source Oct 2007 EPSC report n facilities capital planning

Appendix B 10 Year Facilities Cap Plan Oct11-2007

We have had the opportunity to review the Dec 20 article in the Caledon citizen. It is unclear as to what misinformation Mr. Gibson is specifically referring to however for clarification purposes the position of OPSEU 277 Peel Paramedics, the largest Paramedic Union local in Ontario is based on documented facts here are some, but not all:
1-The ship has sailed, the changes will occur on Jan 14, 2019.
2-The sky will not fall, and the world will not come to an end on Jan 15, however.
3- For a variety of reasons the system will not be able to continuously maintain the same level of coverage that is currently in place today, this change will add multiple variables into the equation that currently do not exist.
4-For these reasons the 2007 Health Analytics report as well as the recommendation of council #2007-833 specifically stated “And further, that the current Station-Based Model in Caledon be maintained” (attached minutes item HE-D(4)D)
5-No records appear to exist that indicates Council ever authorized a change to this resolution. Chief Dundas has however stated that “it was an operational decision”
6- As a result of the requirements under the Municipal act as well as Peel Regional Bylaws barring some yet undiscovered record it appears that in fact the legality of the change is questionable.
7-The Caledon East station which was opened I believe in 2016 sat empty with no unit assigned to it until July 2018 when the news articles started appearing at which point a Primary Care Rapid response unit was pulled form Brampton coverage and placed there.
8- A community which appears to place a very high value on the environment will be at 78 000km annually of additional driving with an annualized vehicle cost of $48830 and an annualized carbon foot print of 53.84 tons.
9-Having set out on a path that is contrary to the approved recommendations of the experts and with no apparent desire to change direction the only solution now for the Region is to build a reporting station in Caledon as quickly as possible.
10- While it is unfortunate that a small number of our members may have to drive further to work as a result of this change, we represent 700 Paramedic and Logistical staff, our position is based first and foremost our professional obligation to the public as medical professionals.
This represent merely a quick snap shot. Additional documents have been uploaded in separate posts.

June 21 2007 Regional Council Minutes Region of Peel

2007 Health Analytics report to council. System chosen was the “hybrid”

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 3.55.56 PM copy

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