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Are you planning to have a drink or two this holiday season? Caledon’s HomeJames will make sure you arrive alive!

Caledon does not have transit nor is it easy to get a Taxi or Uber at times, so how amazing is it that a group of people have volunteered their time to make sure you get home safe and alive.

If you are out having a drink or two at the local pub, a Christmas get together or a party at one of our local banquet halls be sure to call HomeJames.They will be bring you and your car home.

The program runs Fridays and Saturdays from now until (including) December 31st

HomeJames is a community program dedicated to saving lives by providing a free designated driver service for impaired drivers in their own vehicles. HomeJames Caledon is a division of the Community Designated Drivers Association.”

They are also looking for more VOLUNTEERS so if you have a bit time to spare be sure to apply 

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Thanks to all the amazing sponsors’ for making this program possible!



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