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Residents Paramedics Model Change Information Meeting

As a motion was passed at the September 13th 2018 Regional Meeting for a Residents Paramedics Model Change Information Meeting I sent an email asking when this will be set. My email and Chief Peter Dunda’s response are below.

The email

November 22nd 2018 1:21pm

Good afternoon Chief Dundas, Mayor Thompson, Councillor Innis and Clerk Lockyer

At the September 2018 Regional Council Meeting there was a motion passed that an information session/meeting was to be set up for the residents with respect to the Paramedics changes. I have asked all of you (excluding the clerk) in previous emails and some by texts when the date of this meeting will be with no success of getting an answer, so I will ask again. When is this meeting going to happen? I truly hope it’s before the changes take affect as my understanding was that it would be.

Thank you all for your time and your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

Mira Budd

The response

November 23rd 2018 3:48pm

Ms. Budd,

We are finalizing both the format and location for the public meeting and should have that information by the end of next week. We were not able to move forward with an event during the recent election because regional staff cannot conduct activities that may be seen to influence any election process or be perceived to support one candidate over another.

I am looking forward to getting you the details soon.


Follow up Email

Hello Chief Dundas, Mayor Thompson and Councillors

I am following up as it has been two weeks since your last email.
Have things been finalized and a date set for the residents information session?

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