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E-mail to and response from Chief Peter Dundas with respect to when the paramedics model change happened

I sent the email below to Chief Peter Dundas, Paramedics Union President Dave Wakely, and all Caledon regional councillors.

I will be responding to his answers and asking again for links to documentation.

The email and response are below:

September 28th, 2018 

Mr. Dundas, Mayor Thompson, Mr. Wakely and Councillors

Although I have been able to clear most of this up for myself through research, and speaking to different parties, there is one question that we are not able to get the answer to.

Please clarify:

In the REPORT Meeting Date: November 7, 2013 Emergency and Protective Services Committee it states

“And further, that the current Station-Based Model in Caledon be maintained;”

When, where and by whom was this changed and when did it get approved by council to be changed? Please provide links to documents with the specific paragraphs for clarification.

Here is a link to that report for anyone that might not have it or has not read it. It’s on page 2, second paragraph in section 2.

Thank you in advance and hope you are all having an awesomely amazing day!


The response:

October 2nd, 2018

Ms. Budd,

The 2013 report you referenced cited the 2007 Council direction for stand-alone stations. It was included in the 2013 report as historical context and not as the standing decision of the time.

In 2008, management started the move to a divisional model for Peel because call volumes across the region were increasing faster than original projections. This was an operational decision made by staff, supported by all subsequent 10-year capital reports to Council.

Operational decisions about how programs and services are delivered are the responsibility of staff. In our paramedic service, these decisions ensure appropriate, day-to-day medical coverage for the community. The decisions also support the municipal requirement to provide “proper provision of land ambulance services in the municipality” contained in the Ontario Land Ambulance Act.

Management did return to Council several times for direction on construction changes and joint agreements with local Fire Services on co-location of our stations with theirs. All of these reports (from 2008 to today) described the Caledon stations as satellite stations, just like the 2013 report that you referenced. You will see a description of the 25 stations required to deliver service across Peel in that 2013 report. This includes four satellite stations in Caledon.

Council’s endorsement of the subsequent reports supported the management decision. Most recently, Regional Council reinforced the decision on September 13, 2018.


My response to the above email:

October 3rd, 2018

Good morning Chief Dundas and all parties cc’d in this email

Thank you for your email.

To be honest I now feel more confused by the answers, but there are obviously procedures and rules that everyone must follow that are unclear to me and I imagine that there are no reports that “clearly” state that Caledon will be changed from the current Station-Based Model to the new divisional model. If there are please reference a link to that document.

Furthermore, I was at the September 13th, 2018 meeting and I do not recall Regional Council reinforcing or making any decision on the new model as my understanding was that they only turned down a motion for delaying it. Having spoken to 3 Caledon councillors about the change, it has been clearly stated to me that this change was made prior to them being in office.

Please understand that asking for this information, that has clearly caused confusion for the residents, has nothing to do with not having faith in management, paramedics or the union. I do believe that no matter what everyone will work together to ensure Caledon is covered even if it means more money spent to do so. 

Somewhere along the line something went wrong, whether it’s the wrong information, unsupportive documents, or communication from all parties to the residents. Whatever it may be, all involved parties need to step back and “work together” to provide that information to the residents “united.”

I look forward to the public information meeting and hope a date is set sooner than later.

Thank you for your time.


My email to Mayor Thompson and our Caledon Regional Councillors with response to Chief Dundas’ email:

October 6th, 2018

This email is for Mayor Thompson and our Caledon Regional Councillors.

As I am waiting for a reply from Chief Dundas, I am not clear on something that he wrote in the email reply. Having spoken to other Mayors and Councillors from other municipalities about the subject and the process, I would also like clarification from all of you.

If in 2007 Caledon was to remain with stand-alone stations with direction from council, how can it be changed to the new model without a new direction from council and more to the point, can the original decision be changed without council direction?

Your replies would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance and hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Reply from Mayor Allan Thompson October 19, 2018

Hi Mira,

Thank you for your question, I appreciate the opportunity to clarify. There was Council endorsement and direction. Once the decision was made to recommend the move to a divisional model across Peel in 2008, staff returned to Council regularly to inform them of changes to the 10-year capital plan and updates to the divisional model. There is only one paramedic service in Peel, so these reports covered the entire system, not individual municipalities. There was never a separate Caledon report, just as there were no separate reports for Brampton and Mississauga.

Council’s receipt of these reports, including both For Information and Recommendation reports, reinforced Council support of the decision to move to a divisional model across Peel. Most recently, Council’s acceptance of the September 13, 2018 report demonstrated our commitment to the divisional model.

I’ve been assured that Staff will continue to regularly report to Council in the years to come as amendments to the plan or additional stations, ambulances, equipment and staff are needed to continue to deliver outstanding pre-hospital care to our growing community.  

Thanks again Mira, Allan

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