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Amazon Location to be added in the Town of Caledon (Posts, Concerns and Announcements)

In the early morning of July 25th it was announced that Amazon will be adding a fulfilment centre in Caledon, west of Coleraine Drive (See Amazon Location Map for exact location). Although some were excited about the news as it will create 800 new jobs in Caledon, others expressed concerns throughout social media, including traffic congestion, more trucks on Caledon roads and low wages of the 800 employment opportunities.

The announcements came out in Facebook Posts, news paper articles and even news stations such as CP24. Check out the links below, including posts from our Municipal Elected Representatives, our Mayor and Councillors.

Town of Caledon: AMAZON FACT SHEET: MR-2018-056 Fact Sheet – Amazon 26Jul2018

AMAZON LOCATION MAP: Amazon Location Map

CP24 – Amazon to open new fulfillment centre in Caledon, creating 800 full-time jobs

The Star: Amazon to open Caledon fulfilment centre, creating more than 800 jobs

Caledon Enterprise – Amazon to open 1-million square foot fulfillment centre in Caledon

Caledon Enterprise – Facebook Post

Caledon Citizen – Amazon to build massive centre in Caledon

Mayor Allan Thompson’s Interview with Barrie’s CTV News Video:

Mayor Allan Thompson’s Facebook Post July 25th 2018:

BREAKING NEWS: I’m proud to welcome Amazon to Caledon! This world class organization will create more than 800 full time jobs at a 1-million-square-foot facility that will bolster our local economy and positively impact Caledon’s future prosperity.

Caledon is the ideal home for Amazon’s latest Canadian expansion. I’m so pleased to welcome this leading edge and customer focused organization to our community. Caledon will be the sixth location in Ontario.


Councillor Jennifer Innis’ Facebook Post July 25th 2018:

So pleased to share this ‘BIG’ news with our community. And happy to welcome Amazon to Ward 4! Part of building a vibrant and bright future for Caledon is ensuring opportunities for residents to live and work in the same community and building our industrial/commercial tax base. This newest addition to our community does both! … READ MORE

Councillor Johanna Downey’s Facebook Post July 25th 2018:

An amazing boost for Caledon! Well done to Mayor Allan Thompson and councillors Jennifer Innis and Nick DeBoer along with the Economic Development Team at the Town of Caledon!


Councillor Barb Shaughnessy’s Facebook Post July 25th 2018:

News to me, News to Bolton’s Regional Councillor Annette Groves

In September 2017 Amazon announced they were looking for a Canadian Headquarters. Caledon Council thought this was an amazing opportunity.

Nobody ever talked about a warehouse. I guess Mayor Thompson truly is trying to make Caledon into a Freight Village.

Here are my concerns … READ MORE

Councillor Annette Groves Facebook Post July 26th 2018

Hello everyone,

Over the last couple of days there has been a lot of discussion on social media regarding the announcement of the Amazon Distribution Centre coming to Bolton. I promised you that I would seek clarification from Town staff and provide you with the information I received. Today I spoke to Mr David Arbuckle from the Economic Department at the Town and what I was told is that the developer who owns the land on Coleraine West had been negotiating with Amazon and made the deal with them. I as a Councillor was not privy to or participated in any of these discussions and none of this ever came before Council as a whole so naturally I was surprised to learn of this decision as you all were. I don’t know for certain if any members of Council were privy to or participated in any of the negotiations with Amazon, that would be something that members of Council will have to disclose … READ MORE

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