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June 16th 2015 – The Washrooms Will Be Opened For Public Use – Caledon East Park

Things to See in Caledon, Beautiful Places in Ontario, Beautiful Towns in Ontario,I am happy to report that at a meeting Caledon Parks and Recreation had today, a decision was made to open the washrooms at the Caledon East Park from 8am to 8pm for public use. The washrooms have been closed, for public use, for over a decade and have only been opened to organized sports and activities that acquire a permit. It may still be a few weeks before they are opened, as parks and rec have some things to work out, but as soon as they are I will let you know. The town is also looking into getting a few other park washrooms opened and I will keep you posted on which ones those may be.

This is also great news for hikers, cyclists, joggers and walkers using the Trans Canada Trail as currently there are no public washrooms for a long stretch of the trail.

things to see in Caledon, beautiful Places in ontario, Hiking Ontario, I would like to thank the Mayor’s Office, the Caledon Councillors, the Director of Parks and Recreation and all of you for helping with this process.

The concerns will still be there of safety and vandalism so I ask that everyone does their part in keeping the washrooms clean and report any wrong doing to the washrooms, or for that matter, any part of our beautiful Caledon, to the town.

When the Splash Pad was built going forward the washrooms were to be opened from May to September 10am to 9pm.

To read the original story on the washrooms click here.


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