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Shania Twain Toronto 2018

The lights, the outfits, the stage, the spunk, wit and the flawless voice contributed to Shania’s amazing performance.

I could’t take my Canon in the show so here are some photos from my Samsung 🙂

SAM_0524 copySAM_0527 copySAM_0542 copySAM_0554 copySAM_0556 copySAM_0557 copySAM_0565 copySAM_0574 copySAM_0597 copySAM_0622 copySAM_0630 copySAM_0645 copySAM_0658 copySAM_0661 copySAM_0667 copySAM_0682 copySAM_0695 copySAM_0701 copySAM_0703 copySAM_0717 copySAM_0721 copySAM_0727 copySAM_0743 copySAM_0759 copy

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