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Development North West Corner Walker and Airport Raod

Shacca Caledon Holdings Inc. – 16114 Airport Road

Town File No.: 21T-17005C, RZ 17-08, POPA 17-02

  • Location: East: 16114 Airport Road (Location Map)
  • Ward: 3
  • Lead Planner: Mary Nordstrom, Senior Development Planner, 905-584-2272 ext.4223

IMG_0515The Official Plan States:

7.7.6 Special Study Areas Special Study Area A Due to site-specific and environmental constraints, the lands designated Special Study Area A on Schedule D have not been allocated a residential development designation or density. Prior to any development being approved on these lands, the developer will be required to carry out all studies deemed necessary by the Town and the Conservation Authority, in order to determine the potential for residential development on the site. In general, the studies shall address planning considerations, the extension of existing streets and sewers or other utilities into the site, environmental protection, stormwater management and engineering requirements to determine what portions of the site are developable and the appropriate density and housing types. The exact scope and content of these studies shall be determined through pre-consultation between the proponent and the agencies noted above. An Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment will be required prior to any development occurring in the Special Study Area. Where the detailed studies described in Section identify the need for the extension of services between Special Study Area A and the McKee Drive estate residential area to the north, a right of way extending to the terminus of McKee Drive shall be conveyed to the Town of Caledon to accommodate these services. The establishment of the right of way within the Environmental Policy Area shall be subject to the policies of Section

Copy of Town of Caledon’s Official Plan


Developer Purpose of the Amendment:

The purpose of this Amendment is to amend Schedule “D” Caledon East Land Use Plan of the Town of Caledon Official Plan by amending Section 7.7.6 Special Study Area and adding new policies permitting Townhouse Residential and Commercial uses in the Special Study Area A designation.

Location: The lands subject to this Amendment, as indicated on the attached Schedule “A”, are municipally known as 16114 Airport Road, and legally known as Part 1, Plan Of Part Of Lot 4, Concession 6, E.H.S. Town of Caledon, Regional Municipality of Peel.

Basis: The basis for this Amendment is contained in Planning Report PD xxxx-xx, as adopted by Council on xxxxx. The applicant, Shacca Caledon Holdings Inc. has requested an amendment to the Town of Caledon Official Plan to permit Townhouse Residential and General Commercial uses in the Special Use Area A designation on the property in order to facilitate the construction of a 38 Residential Townhouses and a Commercial Block. In support of the application, the applicant submitted the following reports:

  • Archaeological Assessment
  • Cultural Heritage Impact Statement
  • Demarcation of Limits of Natural Heritage Systems
  • Environmental Impact Study and Management Plan
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Report and Plans
  • Functional Servicing Report
  • Geotechnical Report
  • Hydrogeological Impact Assessment
  • Noise and Vibration Study
  • On-street Parking Analysis
  • Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Planning Justification Report
  • Storm Water Management Report
  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Tree Inventory & Preservation Plan, Arborist Report
  • Urban Design Brief with Streetscape Plan
  • Water Balance/Budget Analysis

The proposed amendment to the Official Plan to permit a Townhouse Residential and General Commercial uses within the Town is consistent with the objectives established in the Strategic Direction and General Policies of the Official Plan. The Townhouse Residential and General Commercial uses in the Special Use Area A designation within Caledon East address an APPENDIX A identified need for compact housing types and commercial retail and service opportunities within the community.

PART B – THE AMENDMENT: This part of the document, entitled “Part B – The Amendment”, and consisting of the following text constitutes Amendment No. xxx of the Town of Caledon Official Plan.

Details of the Amendment The Town of Caledon Official Plan is amended as follows:

1. Section is amended to read: Commercial, institutional and residential uses may be developed within the Special Use Area as follows:

a) Tourism related commercial uses such as restaurant, inn, bed and breakfast, antique shop, craft shop, and specialty retail shall be permitted within the existing house, in an addition to the existing house, and in separate buildings. However, consistent with Section of this Plan, Drive-through service facilities may be considered in Special Use Area A only where it can be demonstrated that the intent on the Plan related to Special Use Area A can be preserved.

b) Apartments are permitted in the upper stories of commercial buildings subject to the provisions of Section 7.7.5 and within the existing house. Institutional development such as seniors’ housing or nursing home may also be permitted.

2. Section is further amended by adding the following subsections c) and d):

c) Notwithstanding any policy contained in this plan, in addition to uses permitted in the “Special Use Area A” designation, Residential Townhouse dwellings may be permitted.

d) Notwithstanding any policy contained in this plan, in addition to uses permitted in the “Special Use Area A” all General Commercial Uses as described in Section 5.4.4, with the exception of drive-through service facilities shall be permitted in Special Use Area A.

Implementation and Interpretation The implementation and interpretation of this Amendment shall be in accordance with the policies of the Town of Caledon Official Plan.

For information on the PUBLIC MEETING please read the Caledon Enterprise article.

Draft Plan of SubdivisionAirport Road and Walker


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  1. This posting came to my attention today. I am not sure how recent it is, but I thought I would let your subscribers know about our group The Friends and Neighbours of Allison’s Grove. We are a local group that is concerned about the future of the property in question, known as Allison’s Grove. We are in communication with the town about our desire to maintain this property as a cultural and historical treasure. If anyone would like to be on our list please or for more information about our group contact Diane Delaney We will keep you updated about what is happening with Allison’s Grove and share the information we have about the property. There will be opportunities also to attend public meetings where it will be important to show community support for resisting the proposed inappropriate development of this property.

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