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5K Walk/Run Fundraiser for EHE (Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada)

Over 40 people and furry friends participated in the 5KM Walk/Run Fundraiser for EHE organized by Caledon resident Fiona Ross who has just recently found out she has this rare cancer.

A total of over $1,500.00 has been raised for the Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada with the Walk/Run and raffle.

EHE Info: Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE) is an extremely rare vascular cancer that affects the lining of blood vessels. It can appear almost anywhere in the body but is most often found in the liver, lungs, bone and skin. EHE can affect any age group but is 4 times more likely to occur in women. There is no stablished treatment standard for EHE and there are no proven treatments. Global research and cooperation is desperately needed to understand the disease and find treatment options. Rare cancers get little or no funding from institutions or pharmaceutical companies.

In Canada, the Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada is working with EHE patients and their families to establish research and support. Please consider supporting our cause.


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