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Survey Results, Comments and Suggestions Revealed Re: Sale of Town Owned Land

NOTE: Survey information will be updated on this page as new surveys are received.

Survey ReportIf the Public Notice was posted to give residents the chance to have a say in the sale of the subject Town of Caledon owned property we can only hope that Town staff and Council will listen to the residents  when making their decision as residents have clearly spoken to what they want.

To date there have been 104 Caledon residents that have filled out the survey of which 2 are for and 101 against the sale of the Town owned land known as 15944 Innis Lake Rd.

For anyone interested in submitting comments you may email or fill out the survey. Deadline for submissions has been extended to May 15, 2018.

Town Of Caledon Property For Sale Survey

Please Note: All personal information will be kept confidential, and will only be shared with the Town of Caledon if required. Survey results will be submitted to Town before the due date.

Those that answered no, excluding three, also gave suggestions on what they want the land to be used for. Most want it to stay as green space or a park while others gave specific suggestions.

Below are ALL the comments and suggestions submitted to the survey.

  1. “The Town should be obligated to follow the Official Plan”
  2. “A park would be good. Caledon is known for being green-literally and figuratively. A park is a marvellous way to show this.”
  3. “Anything but high density housing. It should be used for purposes that the entire community can utilize, park, amphitheatre, sports complex, baseball diamonds, etc.”
  4. “Use it as parkland with various recreation opportunities, perhaps for seniors residences or even a wildlife refuge.”
  5. “Please retain for future Park / Recreation use.”
  6. “Leave it as designated, according to Official Plan.”
  7. “Any venue that will be for public use, not property development”
  8. “What about a small dog park with a connection to the existing trail and even some exercise stations or tables so people can sit and watch the wild life that wont be there for very much longer once the sub division comes in and forces them away I hope the MNR is looking into this because thats what happens every time a new housing project happens.”
  9. “Consider public uses for trails, park picnic area.”
  10. “Green space possibly available for public use on foot or bicycle, but preferably not for organized sport.”
  11. “Green space to be used for recreation.”
  12. “Maintained as green space.”
  13. “Green space or parkland”
  14. “Park, public use”
  15. “Leave as is”
  16. “It should be public space. The density of this new neighbourhood is so high compared to the surrounding residential space, we should be working to preserve what green space we can.”
  17. “Any venue that will be for public use, not property development.”
  18. “An accessible public park/picnic grounds.”
  19. “I would like to see the Town of Caledon work with the two soccer clubs in Caledon (Caledon Soccer Club and the Bolton Wanderers Soccer Club) to build and maintain an indoor/outdoor turf facility which could be utilized by both clubs as well as other local sports groups and local schools, twelve months of the year.Currently, there are at least 50 competitive soccer teams, which play 12 months of the year, that have to leave Caledon to rent indoor turf facilities 6 – 7 months of the year. Currently these teams travel at least one – two days per week (or more) to rent turf fields in Vaughan, Mississauga, Orangeville, Toronto, Brampton, Erin, Milton, etc. They would gladly pay rental fees for a facility closer to home.This facility could be used to provide recreational activities as well and could be used by multi-generational groups in the daytime ie: Seniors walking soccer club, or poll walking groups; Moms and Tots programs, public and catholic school sports tournaments, birthday parties, etc. The closest indoor turf facility is at the Brampton Fairgrounds and it is almost impossible to book time there as they have returning clubs and leagues that operate out of the facility.If the Caledon facility was managed and marketed well, I believe that it would pay for itself and could become a great revenue generating venture for the Town of Caledon.The current indoor soccer leagues in the area fill up fast with long waiting lists. (Hershey Soccer League in Mississauga and Brampton Fairgrounds – rec. league). Perhaps Caledon could run a “GTA North Competitive Indoor Soccer League”? Note: Teams paid between $2,106 – $3,850 (depending on age group) to play in the 2017-2018 Hershey league.Other suggested partners for this project could be the 2 school boards, other local sports clubs such as baseball, lacrosse or track and field. These groups could share the facility.This initiative would also create jobs in Caledon such as facility management / supervision, league coordinator, referees, fitness trainers, etc. Please seriously consider this suggestion as I feel there is a real need for this in our community.”
  20. “The town needs to explain how open space can be changed without public discussion.”
  21. “I would really like to see a full community centre go in, with a gym and a swimming pool.”
  22. “I don’t have any ideas at the moment, but perhaps if the Town has available land, they might open up discussion with the residents to review needs and realistic options. Is there other land and opportunities we should be aware of? We pay a lot of taxes here and I would like a better understanding of how that money is being used. For the same reason, the Town and Council should be paying more attention to the work and decisions already made (Secondary Plan), and the voices of our residents now.”
  23. “Park Land”
  24. “Keep for park, viewing point, link up to trails and for green space for all to enjoy.”
  25. “Please keep the property as it is. Thank you.”
  26. “A park”
  27. “They should keep it just the way it is as green space seeing that everywhere else is being developed!!! Oh, or perhaps use it for the cell phone tower that was being purposed last year to be erected behind the old OPP station!! Just a thought….lol”
  28. “Parkland Greenbelt”
  29. “If there is no money in farming as Mr. Innis states, all the farmland will be eventually sold for development. Fine. You will see the same players playing in this market over and over again in the town of Caledon. But If the Town owns land they should keep it for the Towns’ people use, not as a bargaining chip for inevitable payoffs. But, it seems the town will do what the town wants to do despite the comments and pleads from the town’s people. I suspect you will see this land sold to Triple Crown before the next election. C’est la vie !”
  30. “Amphitheater”
  31. “The land should be parkland for the public. It would be nice to see the town develop the land to be used as a public park . With all the new homes already added, it would be a great facility . I do not want to see anymore subdivision developments as this will lead to more congestion and crime with no services , jobs or public transit to support this kind of development.”
  32. “Playground with skatepark and splash-pad with bbq grills and picnic tables for families to come and spend time outdoors together. With a water-fountain to drink from. Trees, paths and benches. And parking-lot for visitors not from immediate vicinity.”
  33. “Land should be left as is or made to naturalized area for wildlife and/or recreation”
  34. “Leave it as a park! With all the land that is being developed in Caledon East the least that the town can do is leave something that the kids can go and play!”
  35. “Parkland”
  36. “Parkland and public access to Innis Lake.”
  37. “Since it is designated open space, then leave as natural heritage, ie. wilderness”
  38. “GREEN SPACE!!!!”
  39. “Leave as is or if it absolutely needs to be developed park space”
  40. “Recreation and new dog park or a swimming and exercise area specifically for disabled and senior Caledon citizens.”
  41. “Parkland”
  42. “Open space, keep it in its natural environment. However, the amphitheatre idea is interesting”
  43. “Keep it as open space until after all the new builds then decide what is needed for the people. Maybe a park maybe sports fields or courts.”
  44. “Hiking trail/ green space/ public garden”
  45. “Park or conservation.”
  46. “Land should be kept as an environmental buffer between the new development and green space”
  47. “The land should be used for either a hospital or recreational use, not sold to builders.”
  48. “Public park”
  49. “This land is close to the soccer fields. It should be kept as green space for the time being. With all these houses going in, the town has to ensure they have sufficient land in town for future needed services. Have them invite the citizens for a hike and let us make recommendations for it’s use.I think we have approved sufficient housing to get additional tax funds to support more services in town. Been waiting 40 years to have a pool again town. Have they forgotten they closed the one we had!”
  50. “Keep it open”
  51. “Parkland or recreation”
  52. “Recreation facility or parkland”
  53. “Green space”
  54. “It MUST remain as green space! Forest, trees, trails etc”
  55. “I believe this land should be kept as wetlands. Caledon East does not have the infrastructure to accommodate another subdivision. Caledon East should keep the small town feel!”
  56. “I am opposed to not only the development of this land but as well s what looks like will be the over development by Triple Crown. The maximum units per hectare should be held to the approved number and not be increased. I think the development should be delayed until that is agreed to.
    This land in question should stay the way it is until a full assessment can be made on its impact.”
  57. “Keep as soccer fields, if town is growing they will need more space, learning centre enviromental. Park , outdoor picnic space out door pool town would make money charging entry fee create jobs as you willl need maintenance and cleaning
    Why not make caledon east shine for the beauty of the green lush land and forest which people crave.”
  58. “I think it should stay as parkland, or even better an outdoor performance space (amphitheatre). Caledon has very little space dedicated to the arts and culture. And what is the point of spending time and money on planning if it is just overturned on a whim.”
  59. “Thinking of a park maybe for skateboarding something for the kids to do. Maybe basketball courts and a pavillion with benches to relax.”
  60. “The subject land should remain as open space or park, as outlined in the Caledon East Secondary Plan.”
  61. “Green space. Trees.”
  62. “Green space maybe park but defenilty no no more homes. This will no longer have small town atmosphere. Heading for trouble the next Brampton garbage which used to be nice crime, drug, gangs human trafficking horrible I have lived here for 40 years and if I had millions I would buy properties and deed them to keep them as green space. Horrible what is happening. Town wants money taxes will be raised soon a temple”
  63. “This would make a perfect amphitheatre.
    Caledon East, its residents and local businesses will benefit greatly.”
  64. “Parkland”
  65. “Parkland”
  66. “Recreation”
  67. “Should be used for the community. It should be asked the the local residents what they would like or need most.”
  68. “Green space or a park”
  69. “The town should use this for green space.”
  70. “I would like to see this land used for a leash-free dog park or an indoor soccer dome or perhaps an outdoor seasonal public pool for the community to enjoy for years to come.”
  71. “For a community park green space.”
  72. “Park. Outdoor skating rink and ball hockey. Basketball courts. Baseball diamond. Swimming pool.”
  73. “THERE SHOULD BE NO MORE HOUSING DEVELOPMENTS BUILT, THIS IS NOT BRAMPTON!!! Seeing as Caledon East is very much family oriented, this space needs to be created for them. It needs to be a combination of indoor and outdoor space where families can enjoy time together. An amazing skatepark WITH LIGHTS, a couple of turf fields and green space with playground to encourage the kids to be outdoors as much as possible. A covered picnic area to hide under if it rains. A community centre with a pool and a gym since our only closest options are Bolton or Mayfield. We do not have enough to serve the current community, let alone the one about to move in with the completely unnecessary Pathways development.”
  74. “It should be left for Park as in Original Plan. It would be nice to leave Caledon as a beautiful place still without becoming your typical bedroom community.”
  75. “Open space for children, pets, nice walking paths, parks for children to play, skateboard, play out sports.
  76. “Leave it attached to the environmental protection area that now abuts Centerville Creek. This area is a viable wildlife corridor and Centerville Creek is home to a native population of Brook Trout.”
  77. Parkland
  78. “Green space / Parkland”
  79. “Keep the land as GREEN SPACE. There are too many new homes being built in this town. The roads cannot handle all of the traffic now with Airport Road being a main road to cottage country! What will it be like with all the new homes? Are we turning into Bolton or Brampton?? What’s the plan for new shops/schools/restaurants and other services to accommodate all of these new people. This new subdivision’s plan is not acceptable. How could the town allow this to happen….very disappointing.”
  80. “Park, green space or community swimming pool.”
  81. “I like the idea of a park and open land maybe a walking/running track around it? I just think that space would have better use then more houses. In my opinion I feel all those house planning to go up anyways will take away from the beautiful charm of Caledon East as my favourite part driving into town over the past 30 years has always been seeing the land and farms. I know change is good for the community and I am supportive of these changes but it’s hard when I see beautiful land being mowed down more and more for more houses.”
  82. “Recreational Green space, hiking, trail, natural environment”
  83. “Nature trails”
  84. “Green Public Space”
  85. “Parks and trails”
  86. “Parks, public space, if sold would be nice to use for nicer businesses ie. more restaurants, food options, high end gym etc.”
  87. “Keep it natural”
  88. “Recreation”
  89. “This space should be preserved as green space for our community. Definitely dont want to see more houses. If anything it should be park land.”
  90. “Some sort of green space-park, trails”
  91. “Community space”
  92. “I would like to see some of that land used for green space or a nice picnic park. The rest of the land should be used for a community centre with a swimming pool or a theatre for arts.”
  93. “Green space… We need to keep our town small with lots of green space. We have kids. We want free spaces for them to grow up healthy”
  94. “Public/town trail. Place for kids and families to enjoy the nature”
  95. “Green space park”
  96. “The land should be kept as green space, with a park and landscaping”
  97. “Green space, park, dog park.”
  98. “The land should kept as green space for wildlife. But if it must be built on it should be used to better the community by keeping us all healthy in creating a wellness centre that connects to and overlooks the existing soccer fields. The centre could possibly even include indoor soccer fields much like Brampton fairgrounds, which is in need of serious renos btw. A substantial building like that in our community will add more jobs within the town, which is very much needed. Caledon east can’t just be a place to sleep anymore with that much population increase you need to add places for entertainment and socialization or else leave it alone!”
  99. “No I do not wish the land to be sold. I’d like our town to remain a small town / village where we preserve conservation, and wild life.”

Town of Caledon Land For Sale

The Town of Caledon has received an application for purchase of Town land (15944 Innis Lake Road, Caledon East, Ont.) identified in red in Figure 1. That land is the exact same land that is shown in Figure 2 from Schedule D in the Official Plan and is designated to be an OPEN SPACE (a park). Town can not and should not allow the sale of this property as there is a reason we have an OFFICIAL PLAN.

Below is the corrected Public Notice:

Town Of Caledon Public Notice


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