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Town of Caledon Open Green Space (Future Park) Property for Sale …

Town Of Caledon Property For Sale Survey

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The Town of Caledon has received an application for purchase of Town land (15944 Innis Lake Road, Caledon East, Ontario) identified in red in Figure 1. That land is the exact same land that is shown in Figure 2 from Schedule D in the Official Plan and is designated to be an OPEN SPACE (a park). Town can not and should not allow the sale of this property as there is a reason we have an OFFICIAL PLAN.

The notice on page 35 in the Caledon Enterprise states “The Legal Services Section at the Town of Caledon is now accepting any public comments or expressions of interest relating to the Subject Property. Please submit all comments or inquiries to

Town of Caledon Land For Sale

I can only assume that this land is being bought by the Airport Road Property Developer to build the extra houses that were discussed in Tuesdays Public Information Meeting. This land is also part of the Oak Ridges Moraine and should not be developed.

This land should be left as a park and Caledon residents should also have the opportunity to purchase it to ensure it stays as a park.

IMPORTANT REVISION NOTE: After posting this blog I called Town to ask the cost and size of the property and was told it was not for sale. I said “Really?” The title says “Town of Caledon Property for Sale.” As I brought it to their attention I was told that they made a mistake with the title and they will correct it with the Caledon Enterprise. They will extend the due date to submit comments and concerns. The amended Ad will be in the next issue of the Caledon Enterprise.

CLARIFICATION ISSUED BY THE TOWN OF CALEDON to the Caledon Enterprise: The Town of Caledon issued a clarification regarding an advertisement published in local newspapers this week regarding a town-owned property at 15944 Innis Lake Road.

Town Of Caledon Property For Sale Survey

Make your opinion COUNT and fill out the Survey

On Thursday (April 5) just before 5 p.m., the town clarified the following in a release:

“Please be advised that, in regard to a recent ad entitled “Town of Caledon Property for Sale” which appeared in the Caledon Enterprise, Caledon Citizen and Orangeville Banner during the week of Thursday April 4, 2018, the Town of Caledon is inviting comments only on whether to sell the property. No sale has been authorized at this time.”

This relates to a public information meeting held April 3 to discuss the application by Triple Crown Line Developments to add approximately 600 homes to the former McLeod farm property in Caledon East.

Below is the original Caledon Enterprise Ad – Page 35.

Town of Caledon Property For Sale




  1. This Town Owned land that is classed as open space should not be even considered for sale. The applicant should have been informed by the Town that it is Not For Sale!

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