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Tim’s Support for Caledon Meals on Wheels

When you purchase a smile cookie at participating Tim Horton’s locations your full $1* goes to help support local charities like hospitals, food banks and children’s programs. The proceeds from every Smile Cookie sold will help support hundreds of charities across Canada.

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The Tim Horton’s on Airport Road and Mayfield has chosen CALEDON MEALS ON WHEELS to donate all their proceeds to so be sure to stop by and purchase a smile cookie and support this amazing program serving Caledon and Orangeville.

Smile Cookie, Tim Horton's, thjigs to see in Caledon, Caledon Events,Caledon Meals on Wheels was established in 1984 and is volunteer-driven, not-for-profit agency providing meals, services and social programs to residents living in the Town of Caledon and Orangeville area. Their services and programs include: hot and frozen meal delivery, group dining, lunch and card parties, exercise programs, volunteer visiting and telechats, and security checks.

With the support of our nutritional program and social services, clients can live independently in their homes and remain in their communities.

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