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Alton Mill / Millcroff Inn Pinnacle Loop Hike

Today the “Take a HIKE” Caledon Ladies Hiking and Meet Up Group hiked the Alton Pinnacle Loop from Nicola Ross’ book Caledon Hiking ; Loops and Lattes. This hike starts at the Alton Mill Arts Centre leading to a steep hill to the pinnacle of Caledon, towards the grounds of the beautiful vintage hotel the Millcroft Inn and back to the Alton Mill. It’s a 45 minute moderate hike with waterfalls, beautiful sculptures, forested trails, look out points and mill ruins. This is an Ontario hike that should not be missed. Check out the photos below.

About the Alton Mill: The Mill, built in 1881, has been restored and is the home to a number of shops, studios, galleries and a cafe. What a beautiful place with the falls of Shaw’s Creek on it’s south side.


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