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Over $75,000 spent on fencing at Albion Falls and people are still ignoring safety warning and trespassing signs …

Even with the beautifully built viewing platforms, people still try to get a closer look at one of Hamiltons most beautiful waterfalls by climbing fences and ignoring warning trespassing signs.

After 25 rope rescues in 2016, some with serious injuries and a number in 2017 the City of Hamilton spent over $75,000 fencing the area around Albion Falls while enforcing increased ticketing of trespassers. To date, there has been over 50 tickets issued at $135 each so before crossing that fence use common sense and make sure no one is looking … That was me being funny … Common sense would be … “There is a reason the fence was put there and most importantly for your safety!!!!”

Trail Rules, Tips and Etiquette

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Albion Falls from the platform on the east side of the falls

City will patrol Albion Falls and ticket people who jump the fence

Woman rescued from Albion Falls

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