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Certified Hike Leader – Hike Ontario

Certified Hike Leader CourseOn Sunday June 25th Hike Ontario Certified me and 15 other Hike Leaders. The Certified Hike Leader Course, led by instructors Margaret Northfield (Trail Co-Ordinator for the Niagara Bruce Trail Club), Anne Armstrong (Hike Management Director for the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club) and assisted by Hike Ontario’s President Tom Friesen was informative, helpful and fun, including topics such as Risk Management, Leadership, Trail Guides, Maps, Outdoor Techniques, Environmental Appreciation and Hike Planning.

The prerequisite needed for the course is the Safe Hiker Program however, if you have previously led hikes you can apply to be exempted.

Next goal Wilderness Day Hike Leader Certification (WDHL) 🙂

Certified Hike Leader Course

Certified Hike Leader Course

For more information visit Hike Ontario

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