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Caledon East Development and Telecommunication Tower Information

Telecommunication Tower Caledon EastAfter the Caledon Enterprise article was published with the title “Caledon East farm sells to developer for $97 million” on March 29th, 2017 a number of Caledon residence expressed concern at how this will affect Caledon East.

Some are for the development and some against, but one thing in common with all … The need for information, clarity and transparency.

I contacted the Office of the Clerk to have my email with respect to the Caledon East Development and the Telecommunication Tower added as correspondence to the agenda for the April 4th 2017 Council Meeting, Town Hall in Council Chambers at 7:00pm. The Clerk approved it and it was added as correspondence to the Agenda. This may or may not be discussed at the meeting as it will be up to council. Furthermore, the clerk was able to get staff to provide some clarification on the questions.

The responses to the questions are below as provided by Peggy Tollett, CPA, CGA, General Manager, Community Services.

Update, April 5th, 2017: Information from the meeting is at the bottom of this blog.

Caledon East Development:

The lands within the Mcleod Farm and part of the property south of it are part of the Caledon East Secondary Plan also known as Peel Region ROPA 1 and Caledon OPA 162, which was approved in 2000.  It was approved before the Greenbelt Plan or Oak Ridge Moraine Conservation Plan were introduced, and therefore do not need to conform to those plans and not necessarily an issue of “grandfathering”. Here is the map of the official plan Schedule D – Caledon East.

There was no growth number “assigned” to the “McLeod Property” or any other property within the Secondary Plan area.  OPA 162, as approved, forecasted that Caledon East to grow to 5,000 persons by 2011 and 8,400 persons by 2021.  For your information, the population of Caledon East, according to the latest release from the Census, is 4,282 in 2016.

These lands do contain some Environmental Policy Areas (EPA2) where development may not take place.  However, there is a large table land that can be developed which is within the settlement area boundary and part of the secondary plan.

The Town recognizes the need to protect community character in the Villages and Hamlets in regards to intensification and a study was approved in the 2017 budget to address this issue.  The policy work when completed will form part of the Town Official Plan. 

Town of Caledon staff are not aware of any other land purchases including the land south of the McLeod farm. Normally, the Town would be aware only when an application is brought forward.

Telecommunication Tower update below:

Caledon East (SPA 16-59T)

The applicant on behalf of Bell Canada has submitted an application (SPA 16-59T) on Oct. 25, 2016 and it was deemed complete on Nov. 11, 2016, for a proposed telecommunications tower to be located behind the Fire Administration Building (former OPP Station). The applicant is responsible to conduct the PIC (Public Information Centre) and they have yet to schedule it.

To date, Town staff and agencies have provided their comments and staff are awaiting a resubmission to address the comments and concerns.

  • Please note that fire staff provided comments and do not have concern with respect to this application.

A Public Information Centre (PIC) as per the Town’s Protocol for Establishing a Telecommunications Facility has not been scheduled.  Proper notice will be provided once a meeting date, location and time have been set.

I have attached a link below for the Town’s Telecommunication protocol for your reference.

Official Plan Reference question: (Separate e-mail)

In the Town of Caledon Official Plan, Chapter 7, Page 7-95 it says “A 10 to 12 ha area north of Old Church Road and east of Robert F. Hall Secondary School will be reserved for a future outdoor recreational facility.” As we know that is not what is being built there.

In the Town’s Official Plan (OP) it does reference to reserved lands on the east of Robert F Hall Secondary School for future outdoor recreational facility.  This was no longer required when the Town built the Caledon Community Complex (CCC) which also included several outdoor soccer fields as well.  The lands were then applied for development, referred to Caledon Villas.  The developer applied for an Official Plan Amendment to allow the development to proceed which was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).  See link below with information on the Caledon Villas development which has the original reports, OMB decision, and all other related reports on the development.

Update: The correspondence was pulled by one of the councillors at the Council Meeting requesting public information meetings on both subjects. After some discussion, it was decided that public meetings will not be held until the applicants set up a PIC (Public Information Centre). At the PIC residence will have the opportunity to ask questions and address their concerns. This was a little disappointing as the process may be seen straight forward to council, it is not to the common person and it leaves room for assumptions, blame and misunderstanding of the subjects at hand.

We did however, have the opportunity at the end of the meeting, to address some of the councillors with respect to the telecommunication tower which was helpful and informative. At the meeting and after the meeting we were encouraged to contact the counsellors or town staff with any questions, concerns or need for information and clarification.

Note: Councillor Innis Declared a Conflict with respect to the McLoed Farm as it is adjacent to her fathers farm and was not present for the discussion.

Click link for the list of councillors in your area and contact information

Alternatively, you may also contact Peggy Tollett, CPA, CGA, General Manager, Community Services who has been very helpful at gathering the information above.

For more information on the Telecommunication Tower click link to my previous Blog dated January 26th, 2017.

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