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Proposal For Cell Phone Tower on Old Church Road in Caledon East

Cell Phone Tower Radiation, Caledon East, Things to See in Caledon East,There has been a number of concerned residence with respect to a Telecommunication Tower being placed on Old Church Road in Caledon East which prompted a conversation on social media. After some research, information from the Town of Caledon Site, the Development and Planning department and some information put forth by the  councillors, here are the facts:

1. An application for Site Plan Approval has been put forth for a Telecommunications Tower (35M in height) by Fontur International to the Town of Caledon on November 21st, 2016.

2. The proposed location of the tower is 6211 Old Church Road, Caledon East (where the old OPP Station was located and not 6125 Old Church Road as listed on the location MAP) Below is the map that shows the correct location and address.

Caledon East Bell Tower, Caledon East Ontario

3. The tower proposal has NOT been presented to council for approval, hence has not yet been approved.

4. It is the responsibility of Fontur International to set up a Public Information Centre (PIC) to present information and answer questions about the tower, it’s location and concerns about radiation. (NO PIC Date has been set yet and will be set within the next 2-5 months)

5. Once the PIC date and time are set, Fontur International would also have to post signage, place an ad in the newspaper and in the Town of Caledon website.

6. After the PIC Town brings proposal to council for approval.

7. If approved by council the application goes to Industry Canada for final approval. If not approved by council it is up to Industry Canada to make the final decision.

Letter by Dr. Magda Havas Ph.D. posted on the Caledon Website with information about Telecommunication Towers. It contains informative information about radiation, guidelines and information for councillors. Click HERE to view letter.

For anyone with concerns about the telecommunication tower, it’s placement and radiation please be sure to attend the meeting to voice your concerns.

With all this being said it is important to remember that our councillors live among us, have children and have the same concerns as we do when it comes to safety in the community and well being.

Other proposed Telecommunication Towers Caledon:

Here is some information about Cell Phone Towers, Radiation and it’s effects put out by Health Canada:

  1. Cell Phone Towers – Radiation – Health Canada
  2. Consumer Radiation/Safety Cell Phones Health Canada

Cell Tower Microwave Radiation Presentation by Magda Havas:

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