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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts …. The Royal Ambassador is ready for you :)

There is nothing better then having a team that looks forward to spending time with each other (even though we see each other every day) to celebrate the success, the friendships, the hard work and the amazing service we provide to our patients and each other at our Year End Party.

Although we try to do little things throughout the year to show our appreciation, the Year End Party is always a hit 🙂 and how can not not be … We have the most amazing dental team that dedicates their time to providing the best of themselves to our patients and each other.

Elizabeth and I are so thankful each and every day for being so lucky to have awesome ladies and gentlemen from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and personalities that work together so well and create an amazing dental family.

Thanks to Julie from Julie Custom Cakes (who is also one of our amazing patients 🙂 ) for always creating the best cakes for our parties.

Also a great big thanks to our DJ, Dave Puzzo (who has also been our patient since we opened the practice in 1998) from Dolce Entertainment, for bringing the party to life with the hippest sounds of today, 80’s music, traditional Macedonial songs, popular Indian beats and Arabic belly dancing music.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU …. The Royal Ambassador is ready for you 🙂

This year our theme is the 1920’s ….. Can’t wait to see everyone all dressed up and ready to party 🙂

Mira and Elizabeth …..

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