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What trail is the only trail in the world that touches upon 3 oceans?

Trans Canada Trail, Trans Canada Trail Map, Best trail in the World, Longest Trail in The World, Best Hiking Trails in Canada, Best Cycling trails in Canada,You may be a beginner or an avid hiker, a cyclist, a horseback rider, canoeist or a paddler or a person who just enjoys a stroll here and there, but who ever you may be, if you are Canadian, at some point or another I can bet you, you have left your footprints on the Trans Canada Trail.

It’s no secret the benefits the outdoors hold as more and more of us are enjoying them everyday and we are so lucky to have the longest trail in the world right in our backyards.

Our Trans Canada Trail “The Great Trail” stretches over 20,000 km and when completed it will be over 24,000 km ….. How awesome is that!!!! From the east to the west coast our Canadian trail has something to offer for everyone. From beautiful, well maintained trails and side trails and crossing paths with the beautiful Bruce Trail in Ontario, through wilderness, waterways and greenways to urban and rural communities. It offers beautiful scenery and is the ONLY trail in the world that touches upon 3 oceans, Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific, so be sure to get out there and explore it!!!

Fun Facts About the Trail

  • Did you know that Valerie Pringle, past host of Canada AM, is the Ontario Director of the TCT?
  • It takes about 500 days to hike the entire trail, obviously depending on pace and rest time 😛
  • The Government of Canada has provided more than $40 million in funding to the Trail.
  • Ontario is the home of the longest part of the TCT
  • TCT is the longest Trail in Ontario, the Bruce Trail is second and they complement each other awesomely!!!
  • 26% of the trail is on water
  • Did you know that 80% of Canadians live just 30 minutes away from the TCT?
  • The TCT is made up of over 500 individual trails.
  • Currently there are two ladies attempting to do the trail END to END, Dianne Whelan and Sarah Jackson

Enjoy the trails!!!

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