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Caledon Ladies Hiking and Meet Up Group Fundraiser – Hiking The Great Trail

We are so lucky to have amazing trails in our beautiful Caledon that we can use for free to spend time with our family, friends and pets and get healthy and fit in the process. Because of this, we wanted to give back and do a hike to to raise funds to purchase a second stone bench on the Trans Canada Trail.

In September the Caledon Ladies Hiking and Meet Up Group members will be hiking the Caledon part of the Trans Canada Trail “The Great Trail” from Inglewood to Palgrave to raise money to purchase another stone bench and maybe a plant or two for everyone to enjoy.

Although the members of the group have donated by getting involved in this hike and purchasing t-shirts to raise money, the stone costs $1800.00 and trees about $300 each, we ask for your help in supporting our hike. Below are some links in how you can get involved in helping us reach our goal.About the Group: The Caledon Ladies Hiking and Meet Up Group was created in April 2015 to get ladies together for hiking, fitness, wellness and to get to know others in the community. All of the events created for the group are free thanks to businesses and people involved in helping us along the way.
To donate through GoFundMe click HERE
To donate through EventBrite click HERE.
Below are some photos of the Caledon Ladies Hiking and Meet Up Group hikes and events.

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