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CLHMG Limehouse Conservation Area Hike

Limehouse Conservation Area Map, Conservation Areas Ontario, Hiking Trails Ontario, Best Part of the Bruce Trail, Hiking Trails in Halton Hills, Ruins in Ontario, Beautiful Places in Ontario, Ontario Hiking Trails,The Caledon Ladies Hiking and Meet Up Group hiked just under 9 km at Limehouse Conservation Area.

Limehouse Conservation Area is part of the CVC and the Bruce Trail runs through it. This conservation area has beautiful trails, amazing views of the Credit River, restored limestone kilns and ruins and the geological heart of the area known as the “Hole in the Wall.”

There are 5 trails in total, including Kiln Trail 0.05 km, CVC Trail 0.9 km, the Black Creek Side Trail 1.5 km and the Bruce Trail 1.9 km along which the Stone Bridge, Mill Ruins, Lime Kilns and Powder House can be found. The trails are arranged in loops allowing you to hike the entire area not having to back track and experience new views at every turn.

For Limehouse Conservation Area Location Click HERE.

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