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Falls In and Around Silver Creek Conservation Area

After numerous telephone conversations and emails with the CVC, Town of Halton Hills, and the Ontario Heritage Trust, a visit to the Silver Creek Education Centre early this morning, along with information from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Niagara Escarpment and Peel Region Planing maps I have come up with this.

Although, in and around Silver Creek Conservation Area, the Waterways, Springs, Creeks , Cascades and Falls have been called different names at different times by the locals none of them had officially been recorded or named. The only official names that have been recorded are Snow Creek and Owl Creek which are tributaries of and flow into Silver Creek which flows into the Credit River.

1) The Falls (Labeled 1 on the map below) on the west side of 8th Line and south of 27th Side Rd. are Snow Creek Falls flowing from Snow Creek. The creek passes through Scotsdale Farm and flows into the Silver Creek Conservation Area. The falls themselves are outside of the conservation area boundaries.

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2) The Falls (Labeled 2 on the map below) on the east side of 8th Line and south of 27th Side Rd. flow from an unnamed spring/creek, a tributary of Snow Creek, which I have labeled Tributary Falls of Snow Creek. These falls are on public land owned by the Town of Halton Hills.

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3) The Falls (Labeled 3 on the map below) were the hardest to figure out as they have had a number of names such as Fallbrook Falls, Silver Creek Falls (perhaps after the conservation area) and Emmerson Springs Falls. These falls belong to Owl Creek which flows south from Scotsdale Farm to Silver Creek Conservation Area, hence being Owl Creek Falls. There are some beautiful cascades on the north side of the falls. Owl Creek Falls are inside CVC’s Silver Creek Conservation Area.

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The falls are mapped below using the CVC’s Silver Creek Conservation Area Trail Map

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