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Prescription drugs and the affects on your smile!

Prescription Drugs, Over the Counter Drugs, Medication and Affects on the Teeth, Peterborough Dentists, Kawarthas Periodontists, Best Periodontist in Toronto,Prescription and over the counter drugs may be affecting your oral health. Below are examples of drugs and their affects.

  • Asthma inhalers that are high in acid can dissolve tooth enamel when used frequently
  • Cough syrups that have a high sugar content may result in tooth decay
  • Antihistamines may cause dry mouth
  • Aspirins, blood thinners and some herbal remedies may affect the ability of the blood to clot normally

Some medications may also cause damage to your gums, below are some examples.

  • oral contraceptives
  • immunosuppressive drugs
  • chemotherapy drugs
  • anti-hypertensives
  • antihistamines

Be sure to let us know what prescription and over the counter drugs you are taking so that we can better understand your oral health and discuss how they are affecting it.

Information as per the Ontario Dental Association.

Dr. Annabel Braganza – Peterborough Periodontist, Implant and Gum Specialist


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